2-for-1 Mesoestetic Facials for Valentine’s Day

2-for-1 Mesoestetic Facials for Valentine’s Day

April 5, 2021
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Our gift to you this Valentine’s Day: 2 for 1 Mesoestetic® Facials

Bring mum, bring your partner or bring a friend. You will be spoiled for choice at our Mesoestetic® Facial Bar. Select from four different facials ranging from brightening, to anti-ageing and the best part, they all include a facial massage.

Get glowy for V Day and share the love!

The Facials

Allow up to 120 minutes for two treatments including facial massage.

1. Mesoestetic® Energy C Facial

Sun exposure, smoking, strict diets or stress oxidize the skin and make it loose its brightness. With the passing of time, it becomes dull and the first wrinkles appear. energy C is a cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of vitamin C, that has been formulated to respond to the first signs of chrono and photoaging.

  • Twofold antioxidant action: energy C is able to neutralise free radicals and to regenerate the cell membrane.
  • UVA and UVB photoprotector: thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, energy C reduces post-sun erythema.
  • Brightening effect: energy C brightens the tone, improves pigmentary lesions and prevents the formation of blemishes.
  • Expression lines and fine wrinkles reduction: energy C induces the collagen synthesis and provides moisturisation.

2. Mesoestetic® collagen 360º FACIAL

Collagen is the main component of the fundamental substance of the dermis. Both skin firmness and tensile strength depend on collagen synthesis. Collagen synthesis reduction occurs, however, over time, with increased facial volume loss.

collagen 360º is a cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of enriched marine collagen, that has been formulated to reverse the chronological collagen loss, improving skin elasticity thanks to its redensifying, firming, and tightening action.

collagen 360º has the characteristic of being assimilable both by the topical (OUT) and by oral route (IN):

IN: it acts in the innermost layers to nourish and firm the skin from the inside.
OUT: penetrates to the second layer of the epidermis to act where the skin needs it.

3. Mesoestetic® stem Cell facial

Skin stem cells are the direct precursors of the cells found in the different dermal layers. With the passing of time, its activity slows down: the skin looses its capacity for renewal, resulting in lack of tone and deep wrinkles.

stem Cell is a cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of plant stem cells, that has been formulated to reverse cell regeneration slowing down, strengthening the connective tissue structure and improving skin quality and texture.

The plant stem cells extract contained in stem Cell have revealed its ability to effectively protect and reactivate our own dermoepidermal stem cells, carrying out a strong antiaging and antiwrinkle effect on the skin

4. Mesoestetic® radiance DNA FACIAL

DNA is the code containing all the information necessary for our cells to develop adequately. In an optimum scenario, cells maintain a perfect balance between the activity and restorative periods, and this enables them to recover from external aggressions and keep their metabolic functions in perfect condition. However, with aging, oxidative stress and environmental aggressions, the internal skin mechanisms weaken, damaging the DNA and throwing off balance the expression of some genes essential to fight against aging.

mesoestetic® has created radiance DNA, a global anti aging treatment containing the innovative [meso]recovery complex®, a unique combination of active substances selected for their antioxidant, protecting and restorative properties of cellular DNA. Its exclusive technology is based on specific release biovectors, that are able to vehicle and release “unchanged” the complex of substances in the cell core, thereby ensuring an unprecedented efficacy.