6 Common Myths about Tattoo Removal Debunked

6 Common Myths about Tattoo Removal Debunked

July 28, 2022
6 Common Myths about Tattoo Removal Debunked

More and more people are getting tattoos in recent years because society has become more accepting of them. While tattoos are generally beautiful, there are times when a person who has one would like to get them removed for various reasons, such as a change of taste or a breakup. The good news is that tattoo removal these days is an easy process.

However, tattoo removal is also plagued with many myths and misconceptions, like many things. These myths range from the common to the outlandish and might be having a person think twice about whether or not they should get a tattoo removed. Regardless, it’s worth knowing some of these myths and distinguishing fact from fiction. These include:

#1 – A Tattoo Removal Cream Is More than Enough

No topical treatment alone is sufficient to remove a tattoo. Although some creams are available, they cannot remove a tattoo in totality because they can only reduce it but not altogether. Some creams cannot even reduce the tattoo by more than 50%. Laser removal is still the best way to thoroughly remove a tattoo because it goes deep in the dermis, which is the layer of the skin where the tattoo ink is placed.

#2 – You Can’t Remove New Tattoos

Let’s say you got a tattoo that has been on your skin for at least a month. After thinking it over, you decide it isn’t for you and want it out. Not being able to remove new tattoos is a myth because the tattoo is still only a few weeks old and is still fresh enough to be removed. However, it would be harder to remove if the tattoo has been there for a long time because the ink will have penetrated deep into your skin.

#3 – Laser Tattoo Removal Is Painful

While some say that getting tattoo removal with a laser is painful, this is not true. Most of those who have undergone laser tattoo removal procedures state that the treatment is purely painless, and sometimes the person is not even aware that the laser is being used. Even though a few people say that the treatment hurts, it is highly possible that the pain just wasn’t that bad for them.

No matter what kind of tattoo removal methods you use on your tattoo, you should never forget to be careful about your choice and make sure that you do it only if you are sure that you no longer want that tattoo.

#4 – Laser Tattoo Removal Leaves behind Scars

Tattoo removal with laser is a safe way to remove a tattoo in a short amount of time, with no known risks. Some people are concerned that the laser would leave behind noticeable scars or other disfiguring marks. This is a myth because the laser uses a beam of light that passes through the skin’s epidermis, which holds the ink. The laser passes through the epidermis at high speeds to remove the ink by breaking down its components.

#5 – You Only Need One Session to Remove a Tattoo Completely

This is another false belief about tattoo removal. Most people think you only need a laser session for tattoo removal, but this is not true. If you don’t have enough sessions, you will still see the tattoo. To altogether remove a tattoo, you need to have at least 4 to 6 sessions, depending on your skin type and the tattoo itself. Each session will only remove some tattoo ink, but it’s essential to have enough sessions to remove the tattoo entirely.

#6 – Tattoo Removal Causes Infections

In most cases, an infection would occur after the tattoo removal, not during it. The tattoo is done in a sterile environment, and the ink is removed in the same manner. Some people disagree when they see a friend who had laser tattoo removal and experienced an infection, but this is very uncommon.


Tattoo removal is not always a bad thing. Removing your tattoo may sound scary and painful, but if you know you are going to regret it later on, it’s definitely worth the cost and effort. Remember to be knowledgeable when you remove your tattoo to ensure that you get the best results.

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