Are Lasers and Fillers the true “Beauty on a Budget”?

Are Lasers and Fillers the true “Beauty on a Budget”?

March 21, 2021
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How you can save thousands of dollars with lasers and fillers.

It might come as a shock to hear the words budget, fillers and lasers in the same breath – but if you’re investing your hard earned cash into keeping fresh-faced; these treatments could actually be the most cost-effective (and efficient) option for paving the way to beautiful skin.

Sure, upfront they may seem unattainable, a luxury only reserved for the upper echelon of society, but if you’re currently buying moisturisers, cleansers, serums, face masks, primers etc etc etc then you’re already spending big bucks, just in smaller bursts; and to what avail? Reposition these treatments in your mind to ‘buying in bulk.’ One smaller investment now could save you money in the future, plus the added benefits of real results and that consulting a professional could mean confronting a minor skin problem before it becomes a major one.

In a recent article by Harpers Bazaar they broke down dollar by dollar the most cost-effective treatments money can buy.

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

Never worry about razors, rashes, ingrown’s or waxing trips again. The benefits of IPL, aside from the obvious time saving and stress relief, is that once the hair follicle is destroyed it can no longer grow hair. Gradually, after enough treatments, there will be virtually no hair follicles left in the treated area. Usually, a minimum of 4 treatments over the course of 6 – 15 months are needed for satisfactory, long-term results.

Cost Breakdown

Assuming you fall on the less expensive end of the laser hair spectrum, at SKYN® you could spend $480 for four treatments on your Bikini Line. The average price you spend to wax this area is around $35. This means if you started waxing at 21 and get one wax treatment every three months until you’re 55, you will spend $4,760 waxing your bikini line. Even if you consistently waxed for only 5 years it’s still $700.

35 Years of continuous waxing: $4,900

4x IPL Bikini Treatments at SKYN®: $480


INFINI, aka ‘The Non Surgical Facelift’ Combines both Radio Frequency + Micro needling technology to treat the skin and has been clinically proven to increase collagen production to help reduce wrinkles and resurface the skin, for a smoother more refined you. INFINI treats acne, scarring, rejuvenating, sagging skin with pigmentation, wrinkles and laxity, with quick and easy recovery and little downtime.

Cost Breakdown

Ingredients that can provide a tiny fraction of the immediate effect you’ll get from a laser treatment include retinol, which helps improve skin texture and build collagen, and hydroquinone or soy, a classic dark spot lightener.

Combined total for continuous creams over 35 years: $14,627.90

3 Sessions of INFINI at SKYN®: $1,600

Wrinkle Relaxers

“When you skin starts to deteriorate, wrinkle relaxers can be used as a preventative treatment to reduce the number of fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead, glabella (11 lines), and around your eyes, says Dr. Jill Waibel, a board-certified dermatologist and the medical director and owner of Miami Dermatology & Laser Institute. “The age that is recommended to begin to look into having these injectables can vary — the moment you begin to see wrinkles, commonly in your mid-20s to your early 30s, is when you should seek to have the treatment,” Waibel says.

Cost Breakdown

Wrinkle Relaxers typically costs between $300-600, depending on the areas you want to treat and the deepness of your wrinkles, and the effects last about three to four months. Skincare products are just starting to chip away at wrinkle relaxer technology, with topical peptides that slow muscle contractions.

A premium wrinkle-relaxing day and night cream is $350 for three month’s worth and hailed as the next best thing to Injectables. So assuming you restocked your supply regularly for 35 years, you will wind up spending $49,000. If you start Wrinkle Relaxers at age 30 and receive two treatments a year at $400 each, you’ll spend $20,000 by age 55.” (source: Harpers Bazaar) However, the reality is a cream isn’t going to give you the same effects as injectables, so not only is it more expensive – it’s also empty dollars.

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