Our Doctors have spent many years Asian Facial Sculpting and has achieved desirable results. From non-surgical nose reshaping, slimming of the Jawline and chin enhancement, our Doctors can reshape facial features to make the clients happy.

Our Doctors are experienced in treating Asian skin – rejuvenation to facial sculpting.

Non-surgical Nose

A dream come true! No need for surgery! The results from a rhinoplasty can be achieved non-surgically by a simple technique of injecting dermal filler to correct and enhance the nose.  This procedure is simple, safe & quick.

Our Doctors can heighten and enhance a flat dorsum, and also enhance the tip of the nose to give a more refined appearance.  Dermal Filler injections are therefore effective in reshaping and enhancing a flat, wide nose and all this in only one treatment session.

Jaw Reduction

Our Doctors can also improve a prominent jawline that is out of proportion to the rest of the face. This is in contrast to Caucasian patients, who usually want a more prominent jaw line and often require facial implants. There are however, people of all races who have an enlarged or masculine jawline and wish to have a more slender and feminine shape. This procedure can be accomplished safely and effectively with the use of muscle relaxant injections to the jawline.

There is no downtime and the results can been seen within 2 weeks of treatment.

Asian Skin

The SKYN team love skin and have a passion for rejuvenation of all skin types.

We understand that Asian skin is unique and different from Caucasians.

Asian skin tends to have a thicker dermal layer and a higher concentration of collagen. For this reason, age related skin changes are not as marked as Caucasian skin. Asian skin has a more compact epidermis, which allows for a less absorption of creams and lotions when applied to the skin. Asian skin is darker in appearance in comparison to Caucasian skin and tends to produce more pigmentation. Asians living in Australia must be more diligent with sun protection due to pigmentation related problems.

Asian skin also responds differently to the post trauma of skin treatments. They tend to produce more post inflammatory/traumatic hyperpigmentation, which results in brown marks on the area of the injury and this does not resolve easily.

We advise that you choose your skincare and practitioner carefully by researching their medical qualifications in order to achieve the best possible outcome and to reduce the potentially permanent complications.

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