Breaking the Silence on Feminine Rejuvenation

Breaking the Silence on Feminine Rejuvenation

September 21, 2014
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SKYN’s Petit Lady treatment is a non-invasive, non-surgical laser rejuvenation treatment for vaginal rejuvenation.

Our focus is on non-invasive non-surgical procedures, and the Petit Lady is a welcome addition to our clinic, to safely remodel collagen and tighten tissue. This proven advanced laser technology is no different from what has been used in facial rejuvenation for many years.

The Petit Lady represents a breakthrough in the medical treatment for women who suffer from the gynaecological effects of childbirth and life, in particular, peri and postmenopausal vaginal changes.

Childbirth, the natural progression of life, and previous surgery can negatively affect the condition of the vagina and impact on quality of life and sexual gratification. The Petit Lady treats and rejuvenates the inner walls of the vagina to recreate a tighter feel – all while improving function. The treatment also has a significant impact on bladder function.

Most commonly we treat women for:

  • urinary and stress incontinence
  • discomfort during intimacy
  • dryness or itching
  • discomfort or burning during urination
  • soreness or irritation


Petit Lady is changing this with a simple, affordable pain free treatment that takes 15 – 30 minutes.

The unique approach of the Petit Lady treatment is gentle, simple, pain free and fast. The laser energy gently targets the surface and deep dermis, stimulating collagen production, increasing elasticity, rejuvenating the vaginal mucosa creating a healthier moist vaginal state. We have seen that healing of the vaginal mucosa is faster than any other laser meaning minimal downtime, if any.

Dr Glen Calderhead is the brainchild of the Action II Petit Lady. ‘Clinicians have been looking for a better minimally or non invasive solution to vaginal problems that provides short downtimes and low risk of side effects, such as pain or bleeding,’ says Dr Calderhead.

‘The Action II Petit Lady is a non-surgical, non-invasive and easy to perform laser treatment that enables a practitioner to effectively treat a wide range of vulva-vaginal symptoms and conditions and helps patients solve their most private problems.

‘Results can be seen almost immediately but three treatments are usually recommended for optimum effect and to date the results have been lasting.’

Dr Calderhead says that, unlike after gynaecological surgery, there is no need to abstain from sex after a Petit Lady treatment because there is no recovery time as such. ‘However, we do recommend patients wait until the day after treatment,’ he says. ‘Then they are actively encouraged to have sex to help promote the benefits of the treatment.’

To perform the intra-vaginal treatment, a gold-plated ‘cage’ is first inserted and the laser handpiece is fitted into that. Dr Caderhead says that patients experience a sensation of warmth, but no pain, and the treatment is completed is around 15 minutes.

‘We have now treated hundreds of patients with Action II Petit Lady who are delighted with their outcomes,’ says Dr Calderhead. ‘We are not only treating their vaginal problems but in many cases their most important intimate relationships. That aspect of the Petit Lady cannot be underestimated.’

SKYN has pioneered non-invasive cosmetic procedures in Australia, and and we have never been so excited about a breakthrough technology. The Petit Lady is changing women’s lives, and we are proud to be the leaders here in Perth.

Call us for a confidential chat about the Petit Lady 08 9389 9022, or book a complimentary consultation online.