CoolSculpting vs. Chin Up Double Chin Injections: Doctors Explain the Differences

Fat: we all have it. And even if we consider ourselves F45 devotees or clean-eating all-stars, so many of us still struggle with stubborn pockets of fat that don’t seem to respond to any amount of diet or exercise.

Lucky for us, the recent rise of non-surgical fat-reduction techniques has blessed us with fat-blasting innovations such as CoolSculpting (aka cryolipolysis, a procedure that freezes and kills fat cells) and Chin Up™ Double Chin Removal (a fat-dissolving injection designed for “submental fullness,” or the stubborn double chin). But what does each one do? Is one better than the other for certain areas? Along with a conversation with your doctor, the below will help guide you in the right direction.

Which areas do they treat?

The first thing to understand is what Chin Up™ Double Chin Removal and CoolSculpting are each cleared to treat. Chin Up™ —an injection comprised of deoxycholic acid, which is naturally found in our own bile—is FDA-approved for on-label treatment of submental fullness, aka a double chin. However, there are many off-label uses too, including the treatment of fat in the arms, love handles, knees and bra rolls, that have proven to be extremely effective. CoolSculpting is FDA-approved for treatment in eight areas: the abdomen, flanks, thighs, bra fat, back, banana roll, upper arms and chin.

Who is a good candidate for each?

When it comes to deciding between these two fat-fighting treatments, New York dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank, MD says it all depends on the amount of fat you are looking to remove from the treatment area. “With either of these fat-removal techniques, there is no best,” he says. “It’s all about finding the right procedure for the right client.”

Because CoolSculpting can only remove teacup amounts of fat, it’s best for those who are already in good shape, “but have select trouble spots, such as the love handles, abdomen, knees, arms, chin and thighs,” says Dr. Frank. As for what makes a client a bad candidate for CoolSculpting, Dr. Frank explains it’s when the client either has too much fat, not enough fat for the applicator to suction to, or when clients need several areas to sculpt.

“A good candidate for Chin Up™ Double Chin Removal is someone with fullness under their chin,” says New York plastic surgeon David Shafer, MD. “Usually, if you can pinch the fat between your fingers, it can be treated with Chin Up™.” However, according to Dr. Shafer, if you have minimal or no fat under your chin—along with loose skin—you might be a better candidate for a neck or facelift to tighten the skin. 

Another reason doctors opt for Chin Up™ Double Chin Removal instead of CoolSculpting: “It’s better for the smaller areas of fat that CoolSculpting can’t suction to,” explains Dr. Frank.

How does each one work?

The treatments are totally different—both in their method of fat-removal and their application. Chin Up™ is injected with very small needles—similar to those of Wrinkle Relaxers—or a cannula. Dr. Shafer says numbing cream is usually applied beforehand and, in some practices, a numbing medication is mixed into the Chin Up™ Double Chin Removal itself. “Once injected, Chin Up™ disrupts the surrounding fat cells which are then absorbed by the body.” As for the pain factor, Dr. Shafer says you shouldn’t feel anything worse than a mosquito bite.

CoolSculpting uses cold temperatures to freeze fat cells and eliminate them via suction and cooling plates. The applicator is positioned on top of the treatment area, which is then cooled down until the cold temperatures numb the area (this takes only a couple of minutes). Once numbed, the fat cells beneath the surface continue to drop in temperature, bringing them to a point of irreversible damage (eventually, they are naturally expelled by the body). You’ll feel some coolness, suction and minor sensitivity, but your doctor may also massage the area for two minutes after the treatment in order to better disperse the fat cells for removal. Though quick, expect the massage to be more painful than the treatment itself. 

What is the downtime like for CoolSculpting and Chin Up™ Double Chin Removal?

Both CoolSculpting and Chin Up™ are non-surgical, so you can expect little to no serious downtime with each. However, significant swelling will surface after a Chin Up™ treatment, and redness and numbness in the treatment area after CoolSculpting.

“With Chin Up™, clients can expect to experience some side effects such as, tenderness, bruising, temporary numbness and redness. They can also experience significant swelling, especially when treating that pocket of fat underneath the chin,” says Dr. Frank. Dr. Shafer notes that this swelling is temporary, “but it’s a good sign that it’s working.” After a CoolSculpting session, the treated area will feel extremely tender and numb—but that’s normal. “Patients can return to work and exercise right away, with only mild tenderness to the touch in the treated area for 1-2 weeks,” says Dr. Frank.

How long will it take before I see results?

About 2-4 weeks is required for clients to see the full results from Chin Up™, and the injections can be repeated for an enhanced effect. “It’s important to note that most clients need 2-3 treatments for the full effect,” adds Dr. Shafer. According to Dr. Frank, CoolSculpting results can be seen as early as 4-5 weeks post treatment and, final results are seen in 8-12 weeks. Multiple sessions are also usually required for ideal results. 

Are results guaranteed?

Dr. Frank says there are many non-responders to both CoolSculpting and Chin Up™ Double Chin Injections. “For those areas that are resistant to fat removal, diet and exercise is the first step in terms to optimizing your body for contouring and contouring your shape. For those extra stubborn areas that do not see results from non-invasive fat removal options, a lot of my clients switch to a minimally invasive fat removal options like tumescent laser liposuction. Patients take this approach when they have already spent a lot of money and received non-invasive fat removal procedures, but were not good candidates in the first place.” “As with any plastic surgery procedure, the ultimate effect is dependent on continued healthy diet and exercise,” says Dr. Shafer.

How many treatments are needed?

Neither Chin Up™ nor CoolSculpting are one-and-done treatments. “It’s important to note that most clients need 2-3 treatments of Chin Up™ for the full effect,” says Dr. Shafer. “However, once the final effect is established, the results are permanent.” The same goes for CoolSculpting: “Patients may see up to a 20-30 percent reduction with one CoolSculpting treatment. Depending on how much fat is in the area it can take more than one treatment to see the results,” says Dr. Frank.

How much does it cost?

Pricing for both treatments vary on treatment size, location and client goals. According to Allergan, the cost for CoolSculpting typically ranges between $2,000-$4,000 for a personalized treatment plan depending on the number of areas being treated. The cost for Chin Up™ Double Chin Removal starts at $650 per vial but is dependent on treatment area and size, which then determines how many vials are needed.

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Laser Facial Bar

Our laser and light facials use cutting-edge technology to safely resurface, rejuvenate and refresh your skin in under 30 minutes.

Get ready to achieve amazing results with no pain, no downtime and no needles required with our Laser Facial Bar at SKYN Subiaco.

The treatment:

The Hollywood Laser Peel (or Carbon Spectra Peel) is known as the go-to treatment in L.A. It’s a no-downtime treatment that rejuvenates the appearance of dull, damaged skin. This gentle treatment is safe on most skin types and is a great way to get a quick skin refresher without the downtime associated with other laser procedures.

The Carbon Spectra Peel evens skin tone and reduces the appearance of pigment, fine lines and acne scars. Your skin will feel and look smoother, brighter and refreshed. Several treatments are beneficial, but the great thing is that results can be seen from just one treatment, and it’s an excellent option for a refresher before a big event.

The benefits:

  • Reduces or eliminates the appearance of pigment, fine lines and acne scarring
  • Long-term results
  • No downtime
  • Safe for most skin types
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Quick and comfortable procedure
  • No daily messy creams


Duration: 45 minutes

Price: $250 (was $495)

The treatment:

Laser toning is a unique treatment for Melasma and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation as it uses the laser energy to reduce visible pigmentation by breaking down melanin molecules naturally, allowing your immune system to remove them. Laser toning is a gentler alternative to ablative laser treatments and has additional benefits in terms of improved skin tone and texture with a low risk of complications for all skin types and no downtime.

The Laser Toning treatment involves the application of specialised laser energy to reduce visible skin pigmentation, even out skin tone and improve your skin texture.

The benefits:

Laser toning has other key benefits, in addition to helping manage your melasma. The treatment can provide glowing, youthful skin, reduce acne scars, improve skin texture, reduce fine wrinkles, and more. These are long-lasting, ensuring you can get maximum enjoyment from your rejuvenated face.

This treatment offers many benefits over traditional resurfacing methods. The 1064 nm infrared wavelength of the Spectra laser is becoming the method of choice for all skin types with very low risk of pigmentary changes, burns, or scarring.

  • Treats Melasma, Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Lighten freckles
  • Brighter Complexion
  • Even skin tone & improved texture
  • Reduced Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Duration: 45 minutes

Price: $250 (was $495)

The treatment:

Laser resurfacing uses ablative lasers to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars, even pigmentation, tighten skin and remove lesions. Erbium laser skin resurfacing with Lutronic’s Action II is the treatment of choice for clients who want to achieve dramatic improvement in the appearance of their skin. This treatment successfully removes superficial lines to moderately deep wrinkles with less pain, fewer side-effects, and a more rapid recovery than more aggressive treatments.

The laser precisely ablates the outermost layer of the skin to reveal the underlying skin that is smoother and younger looking. The procedure also activates collagen to promote further tightening of the skin. Our Talent will precisely remove the necessary layers of skin to eliminate or reduce superficial to moderately deep lines and wrinkles.

The benefits :

  • Resurfacing with ablative lasers is considered one of the gold standard methods for facial rejuvenation.
  • It can promote the improvement of facial wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and skin texture.
  • The usual treatment delivers short downtime and few side effects.
  • It is possible to have significant improvement of the facial photodamaged skin after just one session.
  • Erbium laser skin resurfacing has been shown to stimulate the production of collagen, which further smoothens and tightens the skin.

Erbium laser skin resurfacing has been found safe and effective for the treatment of fine lines and moderate wrinkles. Clients who have previously had laser skin resurfacing can also enhance their look and improve their self-confidence now find themselves with greatly improved, smoother, and younger-looking skin.


Duration: 45 minutes

Price: $350 (was $585)

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More Information

Using Spectra Laser Toning to Manage Melasma

Melasma is a skin condition that primarily affects women and is characterised by dense freckling, odd swaths of tan, or blotches that are caused by a local overabundance of melanocyte – a type of pigmentation cell. Although it can arise spontaneously, melasma can also be brought on by pregnancy or sun exposure.

Regardless of why it emerges, however, melasma can be a source of discomfort, anxiety, and self-consciousness. Consequently, many affected individuals look to find ways to manage their melasma. This is easier said than done since melanocytes live on multiple layers of skin. Surface-level treatments like microdermabrasion can’t reach them and some laser treatments can actually make melasma worse by provoking the melanocytes into producing excess pigmentation.

This is where the Spectra Laser Toning comes in. Laser toning is a unique treatment for melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation as it uses the laser energy to reduce visible pigmentation by breaking down melanin molecules naturally, allowing your immune system to remove them.

Melasma Management

1. Avoid triggers

Sun exposure can trigger melasma because melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) in the skin are responsible for producing melanin (pigment) and are stimulated by UV rays from the sun. Darker skin individuals have more active melanocytes and so produce more pigment than people with light skin. Melanin production increases when stimulated by sun exposure. The main reason for melasma returning after it has faded is sun exposure; even small amounts can trigger melasma. For this reason it is very important to use a broad spectrum (protects from UVA and UVB rays) and has a SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 or more.

2. Melasma treatments

Melasma sometimes resolves or fades on its own, especially after pregnancy or discontinuing birth control pills. If, however, you have persistent melasma we offer various treatments to manage it:

  • Skin Care Products (take home & in-clinic treatments)
  • Chemical Peels
  • Spectra Laser Toning

It may take several months for improvement to occur so it is important to follow up with our skin care staff and to follow their recommendations in order to maximize the benefit from melasma treatment. SKYN® offer a wide range of melasma treatments to help with this condition. In addition, our experienced Talent can recommend quality cosmetics that will not trigger melasma.

The Benefits of Laser Toning

The key to Spectra laser toning lies in a carbon facial mask. The mask allows the carbon to seep into your pores and the laser heats it up, resulting in a tiny explosion that dislodges debris and dead skin. Don’t worry, though, it’s not a painful treatment. In fact, not only is the Spectra laser toning painless, it’s downtime-free. You can come in for your session, go home after, and enjoy your skin to its fullest without any follow-up medication, downtime, or recovery period.

The reason that this treatment can affect melasma is that the darkened patches are due to clusters of melanocytes. When it comes to cells, few things are better at breaking up clumps than precise laser application combined with concussive force. As the carbon “pops” and the laser passes over, the melanocytes loosen and drift apart to become more evenly spaced and naturally disposed of.

Laser Toning for Radiant Skin

Laser toning has other key benefits, in addition to helping manage your melasma. The treatment can provide glowing, youthful skin, reduce acne scars, improve skin texture, reduce fine wrinkles, and more. These are long-lasting, ensuring you can get maximum enjoyment from your rejuvenated face.

SKYN® is a pioneer in the latest technology and practices for treating various skin conditions. Our Spectra Peel toning laser is just one tool dedicated to helping you get the clear, beautiful skin you deserve. Contact us to book a complimentary consultation today, our skin experts are more than happy to answer any queries you may have.

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More about Spectra XT

Spectra XT by Lutronic is a revolutionary laser device that we use at SKYN®, here in Perth. It uses a well-known laser medium called Nd:YAG and uses it in diverse ways to treat both brown and red discolouration in the skin. The energy of the laser can be delivered quickly to address tattoos, pigmentation, sun spots, or melasma, or the energy slowed to treat shrink pores, tone skin, and fight acne in a procedure called “laser toning.” The Spectra is also used for our famous Hollywood Laser Peel and can help with both acne and skin tone, allowing for pore reduction and collagen formation.

2-for-1 Mesoestetic Facials for Valentine’s Day

Our gift to you this Valentine’s Day: 2 for 1 Mesoestetic® Facials

Bring mum, bring your partner or bring a friend. You will be spoiled for choice at our Mesoestetic® Facial Bar. Select from four different facials ranging from brightening, to anti-ageing and the best part, they all include a facial massage.

Get glowy for V Day and share the love!

The Facials

Allow up to 120 minutes for two treatments including facial massage.

1. Mesoestetic® Energy C Facial

Sun exposure, smoking, strict diets or stress oxidize the skin and make it loose its brightness. With the passing of time, it becomes dull and the first wrinkles appear. energy C is a cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of vitamin C, that has been formulated to respond to the first signs of chrono and photoaging.

  • Twofold antioxidant action: energy C is able to neutralise free radicals and to regenerate the cell membrane.
  • UVA and UVB photoprotector: thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, energy C reduces post-sun erythema.
  • Brightening effect: energy C brightens the tone, improves pigmentary lesions and prevents the formation of blemishes.
  • Expression lines and fine wrinkles reduction: energy C induces the collagen synthesis and provides moisturisation.

2. Mesoestetic® collagen 360º FACIAL

Collagen is the main component of the fundamental substance of the dermis. Both skin firmness and tensile strength depend on collagen synthesis. Collagen synthesis reduction occurs, however, over time, with increased facial volume loss.

collagen 360º is a cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of enriched marine collagen, that has been formulated to reverse the chronological collagen loss, improving skin elasticity thanks to its redensifying, firming, and tightening action.

collagen 360º has the characteristic of being assimilable both by the topical (OUT) and by oral route (IN):

IN: it acts in the innermost layers to nourish and firm the skin from the inside.
OUT: penetrates to the second layer of the epidermis to act where the skin needs it.

3. Mesoestetic® stem Cell facial

Skin stem cells are the direct precursors of the cells found in the different dermal layers. With the passing of time, its activity slows down: the skin looses its capacity for renewal, resulting in lack of tone and deep wrinkles.

stem Cell is a cosmeceutical line with high concentrations of plant stem cells, that has been formulated to reverse cell regeneration slowing down, strengthening the connective tissue structure and improving skin quality and texture.

The plant stem cells extract contained in stem Cell have revealed its ability to effectively protect and reactivate our own dermoepidermal stem cells, carrying out a strong antiaging and antiwrinkle effect on the skin

4. Mesoestetic® radiance DNA FACIAL

DNA is the code containing all the information necessary for our cells to develop adequately. In an optimum scenario, cells maintain a perfect balance between the activity and restorative periods, and this enables them to recover from external aggressions and keep their metabolic functions in perfect condition. However, with aging, oxidative stress and environmental aggressions, the internal skin mechanisms weaken, damaging the DNA and throwing off balance the expression of some genes essential to fight against aging.

mesoestetic® has created radiance DNA, a global anti aging treatment containing the innovative [meso]recovery complex®, a unique combination of active substances selected for their antioxidant, protecting and restorative properties of cellular DNA. Its exclusive technology is based on specific release biovectors, that are able to vehicle and release “unchanged” the complex of substances in the cell core, thereby ensuring an unprecedented efficacy.

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The Importance of SPF

Doctors Anti-Wrinkle Injections & Wrinkle Relaxers Perth

You’re walking out the door. You do that mental check you do every time. Do you have your keys, your phone, your wallet or purse? You might check for your Travel card, a snack, or for your compact – the things that get you about your day. These are the basics, but especially during the summer months there’s something you might forget: sunscreen. Why is it so important, and why should you prefer a higher SPF?

The Benefits and Risks of Sun Exposure

Sunscreen blocks harmful ultraviolet rays that come from sunlight. This doesn’t mean sunlight is harmful – we get that question sometimes. Sunlight is actually terrific for your body. It helps you produce Vitamin D, which is crucial for almost every facet of your health. It also has a profound psychological effect, and can help your mood and sleep patterns.

However, there are UV rays in sunlight that its important to protect your body from. These UV rays are a factor in types of cancer. This is where sunscreen comes in. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. Not only can it block harmful UV rays, it can also prevent you from getting sunburn. SPF ranges from as little as 2 to as much as 70. What does this mean?

How to Estimate SPF Need

If you burn in the sun after 10 minutes unprotected, an SPF of 15 may suit you for about 150 minutes (2 hours, 30 minutes). It doesn’t hurt to over-estimate your need. There’s no harm in using sunscreen with a higher SPF than you might need. If you expect to be outside for several hours at a time this summer, apply sunscreen to any areas that will see significant sunlight. An SPF 50 is generally regarded as a good, all-around solution for a day out in the sun. Sunscreen can wash off in a pool, so re-apply when you get out – especially if you plan to tan. You can go with something lower if you’re only outside for a half hour at a time or so.

UV rays are still harmful during the winter, we just don’t typically spend as much time outside during the colder months. In fact, bright snow can reflect UV rays and amplify your exposure to them. For this reason, if you’re outside for a long time during the winter it’s important to use sunscreen with a high SPF.

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Party Season Survival Guide

Some of Singapore’s top health, beauty and lifestyle experts share their best advice for getting through the crazy festive season intact


“After a night of partying, the last thing you may want to do is clean your face before you hit the sheets. But this is so important to avoid clogged pores and excessive dryness. Plus, many makeup items contain a sugar-type molecule that breeds yeast overnight, resulting in skin ‘dandruff’. Don’t forget to remove your eye makeup too; otherwise you’ll experience bumpy rashes around your eyes or small white bumps called milia cysts – not a good look.”
– Dr Low Chai Ling, medical director, Sloane Clinic


“Soft drinks, alcohol, eggnog… the more you drink, the more calories you’ll consume, so it’s best to set some rules for yourself. I would stick to low-calorie drinks like sparkling water or diet cola with plenty of ice. Ice all your drinks – it dilutes them and makes them last longer. If you’re having red wine, have just one glass per party and sip it slowly. White wine and champagne are often served cold, which might make you drink them faster, encouraging top-ups. If you like liquor, say, rum, mix it with diet cola instead of regular cola, which is full of sugar. Soda water makes a good mixer too because it’s calorie free. Don’t confuse it with tonic water, though. Tonic water is high in calories, mainly from sugar.”
– Jaclyn Reutens, clinical dietician, Aptima Nutrition & Sports Consultants



“Who wants to be reapplying her makeup a hundred times during a fun party? Not you! The solution is to use makeup products with staying power. Look out for words like ‘long wearing’, ‘melt proof’, ‘sweat proof’, and anything else that indicates it will stay put. Another tip is to use as little moisturiser on your face as possible – too much will just make your makeup slide off, especially if the weather is warm and humid. If you need hydration, apply toner and serum, and dab a little moisturiser onto the driest parts of your face before smoothing a mattifying primer on the oiler areas. And finally, don’t contour too much if you’re going to be partying all night. The humidity and sweat will just ruin it, making you look like a contestant in a mud-wrestling match.”
– Larry Yeo, makeup artist



“It’s easy to forget to drink enough water during the party season, especially if you’re going to functions where the alcohol is flowing. After an alcoholic drink, I drink tea and water to counteract the drying effects on the alcohol and prevent water retention. I’ve found that this reduces that ‘morning after’ skin puffiness. Sleep is also vital to help your skin recharge. A lack of sleep increases the production of stress hormones in the blood, causing acne breakouts and making the complexion look dull.”
– Dr Georgia Lee, founder, TLC Lifestyle Practice and DrGL skincare range



“If you’ve been invited to a few parties and want to gift the hosts something more special than a bottle of wine, here are a few ideas that will make an impression: Gourmet chocolates, the latest electronic gadget or appliance, homemade cookies or jam in a pretty mason jar, or a personalised gift. Avoid items that are too personal or meaningless, like perfume or cologne, clothing, cosmetics, and photo frames or key-chains.”
– Yvonne Anjelina, director and chief etiquette coach, The Etiquette School Singapore



“This is probably the craziest time of the year. To keep your stress levels in check, remember to live in the moment and enjoy every second of it. Remind yourself that you’re in control of the way you feel, so make it a priority to be positive and to take everything in your stride, no matter what happens.”
– Sally Forrest, holistic expert and managing director, Soul Centre



“Don’t rush your meal, no matter how hungry you are. Be conscious of every mouthful. That way, you will notice when your tummy is satisfied and you’ll stop eating. One trick to prevent hunger pangs is to eat something light but substantial before going to a party. A low-calorie snack, like yogurt, a piece of fruit or a wholemeal sandwich, will fill you up so you’re less likely to overeat.”
– Bibi Chia, principal dietitian, Raffles Diabetes & Endocrine Centre



“If you’re moving from party to party, carry few items that will keep your breath fresh and help you deal with minor dental emergencies, like spinach in-between your teeth. Sugar-free breath mints and dental floss, for instance, won’t take up much room in your party clutch. To keep your smile looking bright, don’t go overboard with the red wine, which can stain your teeth.”
– Dr Sherina Daryanani, dentist, and founder of TEETH @ Tiong Bahru, Dental Clinic



“Just because it’s Christmas and New Year’s, it doesn’t mean you should give yourself a break from exercising. The trick is to make your workouts accessible. If you can’t get to the gym, for example, go for a 30-minute run around your estate. If you exercise first thing in the morning you’ll free yourself up for the rest of the day, so make it a point to wake up a little earlier so that you can fit a workout in. If you need extra motivation to get up early, schedule your exercise session with a buddy or make an advance appointment with your trainer.”
– Joan Liew, personal trainer, Fitness Factory



“Frequent hairstyling during the party season can stress your locks. My tip to keep them in good condition is to remove as much product as possible before shampooing – otherwise, your hair will get very tangled up and be susceptible to hair fall. And at least twice a week, treat your hair to a hydrating treatment to build strength and restore shine.”
– Leonica Kei, director and senior trichologist, Philip Kingsley Trichological Centre



“Standing and dancing in heels all night can lead to sore, painful feet. Try this easy self-massage using a tennis ball: Simply place your foot on a tennis ball and roll the ball along your foot while putting some body weight on it. Do this for five to 10 minutes. If there is no swelling, redness or warmth in the sole of your foot and ankles, soak your foot in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes.”
– Samuel Ong, physiotherapist, Core Concepts



“I personally avoid carbohydrates like rice, noodles and baked potatoes, so that I can have my share of rich Christmas sweets, like pannetone, stollen and pudding. If I’m having a lot of meat, I opt for the leaner cuts. The sauces and condiments that come with many dishes tend to be full of empty calories, so I place them on the side of my plate rather than pour them over my food.  And when it comes to dressing my salads, I prefer vinaigrette or olive oil to the heavier creamy or cheesy dressings.”
– Dr Lim Ing Haan, interventional cardiologist, Mount Elizabeth Hospital

If you want to work on your party season look or need some assistance with your skin care, contact SKYN® today for a complimentary consultation with one of our experts. 

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MELASMA Triggers & Treatments

MELASMA is a common frustrating condition presenting with brownish-grey patches on the face. Hormones & genetics are the culprits! UV exposure, pregnancy, the contraceptive pill & hormonal fluctuations are suspected triggers.  

Management strategy: strict UV protection & daily topical lightening/inhibiting formulation. Chemical peels such as Dermamelan & selective light based therapies may be applicable depending on skin type. Principals of treatment therapy are to keep melanocyte activity under control. This is a chronic recurring condition & management is key.

Latest research suggests it is a complicated condition relating to disrupted pigment homoeostasis in the dermis & epidermis. Pathways for pigment production are greater than pathways for elimination resulting in deposits of pigment.

Treatment modalities are evolving, so stay tuned!

SKYN has a range of Peels & Light-based therapies, contact us to discuss options with one of our Talent or Therapists. 

Call 08 9389 9022, or Book Online.

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3 Beauty Hacks to Get Gorgeous in 2017

Wrinkle Relaxers + Dermal Fillers

For a V-shaped Jawline & to Smooth out Lines

When we talk about appearance, the face is certainly the most astonishing body part that people notice first. Unfortunately, just like many women, some are cursed with a masculine square jaw. Bigger is not always better in this case.

Wrinkle Relaxers allow you to further pare unflattering pounds off your face for a soft, streamlined feminine jawline. The red carpet secret behind many mysteriously slim and fabulous V-shaped jawlines, this micro-injection allows you to shape up safely and discretely without surgery or downtime.

You can end off with a non-surgical chin enhancement with Dermal Fillers for the perfect focal point in your V-zone. A small step from you could mean a big step towards gorgeousness. Try this and you may never look back.  We dumped our entire stash of face slimming cream!

Clear + Brilliant Laser skin enhancement

Rejuvenate tired lacklustre skin at any age

Ready to take control of the aging process? Aging skin is a fact of life. The good news is the earlier you start taking care of your skin, the more you can prevent the signs of aging and maintain a younger look. What you do in your 20s and 30s will affect how you look in your 40s, 50s and beyond. Adding Clear + Brilliant to your collection of skin care tricks – at any age – will help you recover the glow, luminosity and smoothness your skin, and you, deserve.

This procedure expands skin care to not only address unwanted signs of aging, but gives you the power to help prevent them:

  • Visibly illuminated skin tone
  • Renewed, ultra-soft and smoother texture
  • Naturally radiant and glowing skin
  • Improved tone, texture and radiance
  • Reduction in the appearance of pores

You are now ready to flaunt your statement brows and fluttery lashes – and look naturally mesmerising with minimal makeup.

IPL Laser Hair Reduction

Putting an end to routine shaving

Keeping your private hair out of public eyes is basic etiquette, which makes hair removal a pit-primping must for any lady intending to bare arms. If you have had enough of unsightly stubble and irksome ingrowns, well, this is the thing for you – IPL permanent hair reduction. Whether it’s unwanted fuzz on your face, underarms, forearms, trunk, or legs and everything”between”, trust me everything can be zapped away. The laser utilizes deeply penetrating light wavelengths to zone in on the hair follicles for gentle yet rapid and effective long-lasting hair reduction. This leaves you with the smooth silky skin you always dreamed of, and puts an end to routine shaving and messy waxing. How convenient!

How To Tighten Skin Without a Face Lift

“What’s revolutionary now in lifting/tightening/firming is the ability to stimulate multiple layers of skin, not just the surface layer,”

“The surface layer reveals many signs of aging, like fine lines, discoloration, blood vessels, sun spots, acne scars, etc. But it’s the remodeling of deep to surface collagen layers that lift and tighten.”

Until recently, the ways to tighten skin were either mild—stimulating collagen in the very top layers of skin with treatments like peels, retinoids, and certain kinds of lasers—or severe—CO2 peels or pulling the skin tight with a surgical facelift, both of which involve downtime and a greater amount of risk.

Many people who might’ve gotten a facelift in the past are now opting for dermatological treatments instead

or at least forestalling the need for one, says Santa Monica dermatologist Karyn Grossman: “A very detailed consultation is so important—you have to weigh so many considerations.” She mentions downtime, risk, cost, durability (how long the effects are going to last), severity (in terms of the resulting look), and potential scars as factors (Dr. Grossman also wrote this piece for us on aging well.)

Less invasive therapies are making huge strides, in any case. “I feel confident we are delaying the need for surgical tightening procedures, says Anolik. “This is not to say some people don’t need plastic surgery—I regularly recommend patients for it—but this is a way of looking and feeling younger with much less downtime.” Injectible fillers temporarily replace lost collagen a little deeper in the skin: Dermatologists inject a filler along, say, the cheekbone, and the volume it creates pulls up the skin below. This sort of lifting has its limits, and is easy to overdo, but can also really help. Another approach, threading, lifts with physical threads that bind to the tissues of the face and stimulate collagen growth there. “I’ve seen great results with the new threading,” notes Day. Grossman is excited about the new threads: “Reports from friends abroad have shown good results—the combination of threading with other therapies like Thermage [see below] will add a whole new frontier to minimally invasive procedures.”

The biggest non-invasive technological breakthroughs are in radiofrequency and ultrasound devices, which build collagen by sending energy to different layers of the skin, radiofrequency in a broad, diffuse way, and ultrasound in a deeper, targeted way. “Think of the collagen fibers as a loose-knit sweater, and these treatments tighten that sweater,” says Anolik. Both usually require skin-numbing but have no downtime because they work beneath the top layer of skin; significant results develop over a period of months as the body grows the new collagen. “Ulthera is the backbone of most of the tightening I do,” says Day, who supplements it with radiofrequency treatments like EndyMed and Thermage. “I find the EndyMed treatments make the effects of the Ulthera last longer.” Grossman considers Thermage her gold standard for tightening but feels Ulthera is equally effective; Anolik prefers Ulthera but uses Thermage in certain situations.

Grossman says she gets incredible upper-eye tightening results with Thermage treatments, and prefers another radiofrequency device called Forma, which requires multiple sessions, for fullness in the lower eye area. She also loves Thermage for the neck; Anolik likes combine Ulthera withWrinkle Relaxers—done a week before or after the Ulthera. “If I’m trying to lift the brow or the neck, but see muscle pull that is countering an upwards direction, then combining the process with Wrinkle Relaxers can be very helpful,” he says. “It helps create an optimal environment for unencumbered lifting.” Day likes Thermage for tightening the stomach and hips, and prefers Endymed for lifting the eye.

Microneedling technology combines with radiofrequency in several new devices. EndyMed makes an Intensif version of its radiofrequency device that uses microneedles to help remodel and build collagen. “What’s great with the EndyMed device is I can dial up or down the depth of the needles depending on the patient,” says Day. “It’s not a bloody procedure—there’s very little downtime. It’s reliable, it works on skin of color, for smoker’s lines around the lips, and it really lifts around the eyes. I like it for acne scars, too.”


Another emerging device, Infini, combines radiofrequency that’s able to target specific points in the skin the way Ulthera does, with the collagen-enhancing action of microneedles. “It’s exciting, and new, but the results are also new,” says Anolik. “It looks really promising. The idea with microneedling is you’re triggering an immune response to stimulate collagen production.


Grossman, too, is excited about microneedling: “It has beautiful results in the neck, and recent studies have shown it may also improve cellulite on the back of the legs.”


If the many options sound like too much, Day thinks about it differently: “I think you get the best results doing a little of a lot of things—skincare, neuromodulators, diet, exercise, fillers, devices. It isn’t about going big in one particular area. We age in many different ways, and so It’s better to do a little of one thing and a little bit of another. It’s no longer about chasing wrinkles: Now we investigate the wrinkle.”

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Silhouette Soft® Photos

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Patient aged 56 – Before and one month after Silhouette Soft® treatment



Patient aged 52 – 15 days after, and 4 months after Silhouette Soft® treatment