Dermaceutic Cosmo TCA Peels

Restore smoothness and luminosity to your skin.

State-of-the-art TCA peels in Perth

The Dermaceutic Cosmo TCA Peel improves fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, uneven skin tone and uneven texture.

TCA peels can also be performed around the eyes to help improve undereye ‘crepey-ness’ as well in combination with TCA cross to help improve acne scarring.

The Dermaceutic Cosmo TCA Peels resurface the skin and stimulates collagen to restore smoothness and luminosity to your skin.

What does a Dermaceutic TCA peel involve?

During a Cosmo TCA Peel treatment your skin will be thoroughly cleansed to remove any impurities or makeup.

A thorough skin assessment will be performed before selecting the percentage of peel that is most suitable for your skin.

The peel is applied to the treatment area using gauze and is then left on the skin for up to 12 hours before being removed with water at home.

You may feel a tingling/prickling sensation in the first few minutes after the peel application, however this will subside quickly.

Types of Cosmo Peels

Cosmo Peel 15% & 18%

Cosmo Peel 15% and 18% are superficial to medium depth peels used to treat the appearance of skin ageing, improve skin texture and smoothness, reduce sun damage and restore luminosity to the skin. Our Talent will choose the strength most suitable for your skin type and concerns.

You can expect to experience mild to moderate skin shedding for 3-7 days.

Cosmo Peel FORTE

Cosmo Peel FORTE is a medium depth peel used to treat the appearance of wrinkles,
textural irregularities, pigmentation and more advanced signs of ageing.
You can expect to experience medium to severe skin shedding that may last for 5-10 days


Dermaceutic Cosmo TCA Peels


Dermaceutic Cosmo TCA Peels 15%


Dermaceutic Cosmo TCA Peels 18%


Dermaceutic Cosmo TCA Peels Forte




This treatment is only suitable for Fitzpatrick skin types I-III. A consultation is required prior to booking in for treatment to ensure patient suitability and to ensure that the skin is prepped.

Skin prep is vital prior to undergoing the Dermaceutic Cosmo TCA Peels. Our Talent will be
able to determine if your skin is prepped enough to go ahead with the peel, otherwise the
Dermaceutic ‘Prep Your Skin’ kits available in clinic must be used morning and night for 2-3
weeks prior to undergoing the peel.

Dermaceutic ‘Prep Your Skin’ kits available in clinic include your prepping and aftercare products. It is important you follow the aftercare protocol as instructed by our Talent. This involves twice daily application of the aftercare cream, daily application of SPF50+, avoidance of sun exposure and no exfoliating or picking of the skin.

The downtime will vary depending on the strength of peel used and the number of layers applied to the skin. You can expect to have mild to moderate shedding for 3-5 days up to 14 days. Some purging may occur in acne prone skin types and slight redness and sensitivity may be present for up to a few weeks after the treatment.

  • Prep Your Skin Kit $130 (3x prepping products & 1x aftercare product)
  • Cosmo Peel 15% $295
  • Cosmo Peel 18% $295
  • Cosmo Peel Forte $495

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