Dermapen: A Noninvasive Alternative To Rejuvenate Your Skin

Everyone wants a fresh face in the summer, but getting your perfect glow can be confusing — what will it cost? How invasive do you need to go?

This week, we’re looking at non-invasive treatments under $400.

We headed to Wayzata Medical Spa to get answers about Dermapen — a procedure that sounds scary but could help you avoid Wrinkle Relaxers.

Jen Bressler is a 34-year-old stay at home mom. This isn’t her first time, after her first child, she felt tired.


“I had some areas on my skin that were concerning, especially under my eyes. The skin, even though I moisturize and take care of it, had gotten thin and cracked with age,” Bressler said.

So, she asked about Dermapen.

Licensed Esthetician Jill Schierholz describes it like a disposable rollerball with multiple needles.

Because it’s electronic, it’s regulated for depth and speed of the break in the skin.

“It’s essentially causing a micro injury to the skin with a micro-needle. In that way, it’s working a lot like a laser would without all the downtime and redness and inflammation that can be caused by the heat from a laser,” Schierholz said.

After the skin is cleaned, a numbing cream is applied. It rolls over areas of the mouth and eyes.

“It helps with the volume and natural collagen stimulation,” Schierholz said.

Even on the brow line, Jen barely flinches. Dermapen can be an alternative to Wrinkle Relaxers or help enhance injections.

“I like that it’s totally natural and nothing is getting injected,” Bressler said.

This is Jen’s fifth treatment. While she’s a little red after treatment, tinted moisturizer can be applied immediately. And days after treatment, she loves hearing what friends and family think.


“They’re like, ‘Oh my god, whatever she’s doing, it’s working. You look like you’re glowing’” Bressler said..

  • Results: 10/10 — she loved what she saw so much, she got five total treatments.

  • Best friend reactions: 10/10 — She was just at a wedding, where everyone commented on her “glow”

  • Price: 10/10 — She gives it a top rating, considering what the procedure is doing and the results you get

How can I get started?

DermaPen® Skin Needling single treatment face just $299 at SKYN (Usually $450)

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A DermaPen® Skin Needling treatment for your face is just $299 at SKYN (Usually $450).

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