Double Trouble: Chin-up, the treatment that dissolves a double chin

Double Trouble: Chin-up, the treatment that dissolves a double chin

April 4, 2021
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Have a Double Chin? There’s a New Treatment That Could Get Rid of It

It seems there’s an injection for every beauty issue these days. Have wrinkles? Get some Wrinkle Relaxers. Want bigger lips? Get Lip Fillers. And now, if you don’t like your double chin—you guessed it, there’s an injectable for that too. For the record, we’re not saying you need to do any of these things. We think you’re beautiful just the way you are. But for those interested in non-invasive procedure news, we’re here to give it to you.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Chin up. It’s a new injection, which contains a naturally occurring molecule that eats away at fat. And if it’s injected properly, all the other cells around it (the ones you want) remain healthy and intact.

“The goal with Chin Up™ is to get rid of the fat right under the chin, so you have a better cervicomental angle—that’s the really attractive part of the jawline,” says cosmetic dermatologist Rebecca Fitzgerald, M.D. “That’s great because that angle of the neck makes a big difference in the perception of our face.”

Right now, she’s one of a few select doctors in Los Angeles approved to administer the injection while it gets started in the market. Not because it’s dangerous, but because the doctor who uses it has to have a trained eye to pick the right patient. The best candidate is someone with good skin quality and a very distinct appearance of fat under the chin.

“It’s one size fits all, but not everyone will get the same result,” she says. “Some will get a better result than others.”

If you’re wondering what the side effects are, she says, there’s a good chance you’ll feel sore and swollen a few days afterwards and that the area can feel numb for up to three weeks.

“It might hurt a little,” she says. “But then the fat slowly melts away, and all of the cellular stuff comes in to clean up the debris where you killed the fat—that process also adds collagen, so it helps tighten up the skin where you’ve melted the fat. It’s a very pretty result,” she says.

We spoke to one of Dr. Fitzgerald’s first Chin Up™ patients named Emily (her before picture is on top below, the after on bottom) who says she was interested in the treatment because she had a little pocket of fat under her chin that bothered her in photos. “It was always there no matter my weight,” she says.

Her take on it?

“I was a little nervous about the treatment because I have never had any previous cosmetic procedures. But it didn’t hurt much, just a little sting at the injection site,” she says. “So far I have only had one treatment, and I was advised that I will get an even better result after a second treatment, so I will do it again.”

And when we asked if she feels different, she says, “I have felt a confidence boost! People seem to notice that something is different about me, but they can’t quite put their finger on what it is.”

Treatment cost can vary for each patient, but generally, Dr. Fitzgerald says they’ll need more than one injection to fine-tune the area. Each one happens about four to six weeks apart.