Dr Mandana Arshi

Dr Mandana Arshi is a cosmetic doctor and General Practitioner, researcher and Medical School teacher based in Perth, Western Australia.

Dr Mandana started her medical career after graduating from Azad Medical School in Iran, 2001. In 2005 Dr Mandana came to Australia to achieve a PhD at the University of Queensland in the area of childhood obesity. In the last year of her PhD studies, Dr Mandana decided to stay in Australia and married.

Dr Mandana is a mother of two young children, in her recreation time she enjoys painting and listening to the music.

As a scientist and cosmetic doctor, Dr Mandana takes an evidence-based approach to facial change based on a deep understanding of structure, musculature, skin dynamics and symmetry. Consultation with Dr Mandana involves a formal full face assessment with the aim of achieving a natural, fresh and age-appropriate look.

Dr Mandana has been known as a caring doctor throughout her career.

Dr Mandana is available for the following treatments designed to be complemented by the full range of treatments offered by THE SKYN GROUP.


Dr Mandana's Availability

Monday 9.30am – 1pm
Tuesday 9.30am – 5pm
Friday 9.30am – 5pm

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Whether you want glowing, healthy skin, slightly more voluptuous lips or to soften those facial lines and wrinkles, Dr Mandana will formulate a treatment plan to suit your budget and downtime limitations.

Dr Mandana Arshi Cosmetic Doctor

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