Dr Mo Jaggard

Dr Mo Jaggard is a cosmetic doctor from Perth, Western Australia. Dr Mo graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2006 with honours and has spent the last 10 years in the public sector working in various medical specialities. She spent a majority of this time training in anaesthetics whilst juggling having her four children.


Dr Mo embarked on a career in cosmetic medicine because she has a love of procedural skills; and a passion for anatomy, facial symmetry and for making her patients feel confident about themselves. She strives for natural, age-appropriate results for her patients and does so by structuring a step-by-step approach to achieving her patient’s goals.


When Dr Mo is not working or parenting she loves keeping fit and spending time at the beach.


Dr Mo is available for the following treatments designed to be complemented by the full range of treatments offered by THE SKYN GROUP:



Tuesday Afternoon
Thursday Afternoon

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Whether you want glowing, healthy skin, slightly more voluptuous lips or to soften those facial lines and wrinkles, Dr Mo will formulate a treatment plan to suit your budget and downtime limitations.

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