What the P-shot is doing for erectile dysfunction

What the P-shot is doing for erectile dysfunction

June 11, 2022
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Sep 15, 2021

We’re glad we got your attention.

It’s time to talk about a serious issue: Erectile dysfunction — and while it may be, uh, hard to talk about, it’s actually something that affects a lot more men than you think. Seriously though, being a man sure can have its ups and downs. Sorry, we’ll stop. Stay with us.

Some men clam up at the mere thought of taking a drug like Viagra to solve sexual performance issues, and they feel as though it’s like asking a knight to give up his armour. If this sounds like you, don’t worry — there’s a totally drug-free alternative you’ll want to know about.

Viagra, get ready for some stiff competition because this option can’t be taken in oral form — it’s a small little injection in the penis.

Wait, don’t leave just yet. We promise it’s completely painless. And what if we also told you that it has been proven to increase both the length and girth of the penis? (We bet your eyes just lit right up there!)

The procedure is called the Priapus shot, or P-shot for short (creative, we know), and uses a technology that’s commonly used in athletes to cure performance-related injuries.

Let us take you through how it all goes down (well, up) for the willing and eager male.

First, the nurse draws the patient’s blood using a special centrifuge to separate platelet-rich plasma from the rest of the blood, and then injects (with a very small needle) that platelet-rich plasma into the patient’s penis — at the areas that are responsible for sexual responsiveness.

The result? Stimulated blood flow and new cells and tissue generated in the penis. The whole procedure only takes about 30 minutes, meaning you can get it done discretely, even on your lunch break if you want to. No need to worry about taking the day off work!

You’ll be happy to know that the P-shot helps with a lot more than just erectile dysfunction.

After the procedure, you can expect a 10 to 20% increase in size and firmness of your erection – as well as an improved aesthetic appearance (this means saying goodbye to any crooked penis woes).

The shot is also said to help you last longer during intercourse, have a more pleasurable overall experience, as well as greatly relieving stress urinary incontinence. We know, it sounds like a make-believe cure-all, but it has been proven to work.

Ladies, don’t feel left out now — there’s a female alternative called the O-shot, short for Orgasm shot, which works in a similar way to increase stimulation and strengthen orgasms, so now you and your partner can have more satisfying sex.

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