Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs You’d Want a Skin Expert to Answer Part I

Laser Tattoo Removal FAQs You’d Want a Skin Expert to Answer Part I

May 28, 2022
laser tattoo removal faqs

After months or years of thinking, you’ve finally decided to get rid of your tattoo. Now it is time to learn all that you can so you can prepare for your first laser tattoo removal session. To get optimal results, there are some things you should do prior to your treatment. Likewise, there are some activities you need to avoid. Mental preparation is essential, too, and should start at least a few weeks before your appointment, so do not wait until the last minute to prepare for your tattoo laser removal. For you to understand the process, we are answering your top laser tattoo removal FAQs.

Why Is the Tattoo’s Location an Important Factor?

The location of your tattoo is the first and most important factor in the process of tattoo removal. Light, small tattoos can be removed in less than three laser treatments, but larger tattoos need more than three treatments because the laser only targets black pigment. If the tattoo is big and it comes in many colours, more treatments will be required.


Can Laser Remove All Tattoo Colours?

The tattoo ink used by amateur artists is easy to remove. Sometimes, it fades completely in one or two sessions. Some colours are harder to remove than others, though. Metallic green, for example, can take up to fifteen sessions or even more. In addition, fading red tattoos is both time- and energy-consuming. Blue and yellow tattoos also present a challenge since they do not fade away fast. Multicoloured tattoos that are partially green can be very challenging, too.


Does the Size of the Tattoo Matter?

Another laser tattoo removal FAQ is about the size of your tattoo. The number of laser tattoo removal sessions required for larger tattoos is increased because your immune system can only clear a certain amount of ink at every session. Large tattoos like sleeves may take up to 20 sessions to remove. With large tattoos, we highly recommend partial removal or fading for cover-ups. Small tattoos usually require fewer sessions.


What Is Tattoo Layering and Why Is It Important in Removals?

As you already know, removing a tattoo is not an easy task. Different colours of ink are located in different layers of skin. The first layers of the skin can be removed with the most powerful lasers, but the layers at the bottom of the skin are very difficult to remove. Whenever you see a tattoo, remember that it is buried in the skin and not just on top of it. This is why you see that some tattoos can be easily removed while others resist laser removal.


How Many Sessions Will It Take to Remove a Tattoo?

The amount of sessions required to completely remove a tattoo depends on the size and location, as well as the ink colours used. In general, the forearm takes 6-10 sessions, the calf takes 5-10 sessions, and the thigh takes 8-12 sessions. The head and neck also need from 8-12 sessions, and the chest and back need around 8-15 sessions.



After reading this, you have learned the basics of laser tattoo removal. The next thing you need to do is look for a reputable laser tattoo removal clinic. Reach out and ask about the preparations you need to do. After doing all the preparation, you are ready to book your first appointment. Make sure you are healthy enough for treatments and be informed about your next sessions, too.

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