Lip Injections by SKYN®

Friendly, young, sexy, stern, open, angry – it’s amazing that our lips send messages about us without ever saying a word.

Just think about how you perceive someone with tightly drawn, thin lips? Or someone with a full, soft, pillowy mouth? Just look at the millions of dollars spent each year on lip glosses, enhancers and other products created to give the illusion of a plumper pout and it’s clear to see that when we think of a beautiful, youthful smile, we think of full, soft, smooth lips.

Attaining that defined, sensuous look is often a matter of genetics. But even if you’re lucky enough to be born with the perfect pout, the aging process can take its toll, causing lips to recede and thin over time. That’s because the lips are actually one of the first places on your face to age. Like the neck, they’re an extremely delicate part of the body. The lip area’s thin outer layer only gets thinner as we lose collagen with age. Plus, levels of oil and water, our body’s natural lip balm are reduced over time, leaving lips susceptible to dryness and wrinkling.

Facial expression can also play a role. Every time we smile, frown, pout or pucker our lips, we move our facial muscles in a way that can result in lines. Smoking and even drinking from a straw or bottle causes us to move our lips in a way that can lead to excess lip lines and wrinkles.

Before and After Lip fillers Perth
At SKYN, Lip Filler Injections are only administered by skilled & experienced Talent

Lip Fillers for Plump Lips at SKYN®

If you are concerned about the look of your lips, or would just like to add some volume we can provide you with various lip enhancement options by injecting Dermal Fillers into the lips to instantly create a fuller, more symmetrical mouth. It’s also used to fill the lines around the lips that cause lipstick to bleed and make us look older.

We offer a complimentary consultation with our Talent and there is no pressure to move forward on the spot. At SKYN it’s all about education, budget and making sure our clients are fully aligned with the treatment plan.

Lip Injections Pricing

Every clients’ facial muscles and facial anatomy are unique and therefore require different products and dosages. A subtle enhancement to the lips or a top up could be as affordable as $399.

To achieve the perfect lips our Talent analyses the entire face and consider your facial proportions ensuring a natural result. Each service is completely customised.

Love your lips

  • Protect and moisturiser lips while diminishing lines by applying a lip product that contains both moisturisers and a broad-spectrum sunscreen.
  • Be mindful of your facial movements. You may pucker your lips or frown without even knowing it, etching lines and wrinkles around the mouth.
  • Create the illusion of plump lips with makeup. Use a natural-coloured lip liner to line slightly outside of your natural lip line. Colour in the lips with the same pencil, then top with lip gloss in a soft pink. The gloss will reflect the light, creating a fuller look.
  • Consider lip injections Perth, which can include treatments such as our Plump Lips.
  • Smoking! It’s bad for skin in general, but it’s easiest to spot the havoc it wreaks around the mouth. Smokers have more (and deeper) lines and wrinkles around their lips than non-smokers.
  • Drinking regularly from straws or bottles. Puckering up adds up when it comes to lines and wrinkles.
  • Dark, matte lipstick. Lips look largest with a lighter, glossier, light-reflecting colour. Plus, dark colours will highlight any asymmetry in the lips.

Ready to get started?

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Before and After Lip Injections

More about lip injections

Lip Injections at SKYN® Perth for softer & even more beautiful lips

Our Dermal fillers or lip fillers come in special formulations that are specially designed to create the beautiful looking lips you desire. Whether you’d like to have softer, fuller lips – or just add a touch of volume in the lip border to give a more sculpted look – this is the perfect treatment for you.

Lip Fillers can address many lip concerns, including:

  • Restore or add volume to the lips
  • Smooth out wrinkles around the mouth
  • Restore balance to the lips
  • Soften lines or wrinkles around the lips
  • Add shape and fullness to naturally thin lips

The dermal filler gel softly integrates into the sensitive lip tissue and has been proven to cause little swelling and can give you natural-looking results. Results can last up to 6-9 months before a ‘top-up’ treatment is required. For a more comfortable treatment, lip fillers contain a local anaesthetic.

Lip Injections FAQ's

The type of hyaluronic acid filler used in the procedure is determined by the area of the lip you’re looking to enhance and the type of result you desire. Whether it’s definition, shape or increasing volume. Your doctor will discuss this with you at the consultation.

The gels come in a prefilled syringe. When the gel is injected into the lips, it fills and cushions the lip itself immediately increasing volume and size.

You’ll see results instantly, but about 20 percent of what you first see is swelling. The full effect of the filler is seen at four weeks, when swelling has subsided and the filler has integrated into the skin.

And although the result may be long lasting, it’s not permanent. Most results last about six to twelve months depeding on the individual and product used.

The procedure is quick and relatively painless. Some people feel a slight pinch with each injection, and your lips will probably feel tender afterward. Most of the hyaluronic acid fillers used contain an anesthetic called lidocaine, which minimises discomfort during injection.

About 20 minutes before, a topical anesthetic is applied to the lips. It comes in a Vaseline® form and helps to minimize discomfort.

After the injection, your doctor may give you ice to help with any swelling. Normal activity can be resumed immediately post injection. Most people experience minimal bruising and redness.

Dermal fillers are TGA-approved and safe for injection.

There’s a low possibility of infection, but severe complications from dermal fillers are extremely uncommon. Allergic reaction to hyaluronic acid fillers does not occur, given that it is a natural substance found in the skin.

Avoid anything that could thin your blood ― like ibuprofen, aspirin or herbal supplements. These things can make it more likely to bruise. If you’re prone to cold sores, a lip filler could trigger one, so an antiviral medication is often prescribed a few days prior.