MELASMA Triggers & Treatments

MELASMA Triggers & Treatments

March 3, 2021

MELASMA is a common frustrating condition presenting with brownish-grey patches on the face. Hormones & genetics are the culprits! UV exposure, pregnancy, the contraceptive pill & hormonal fluctuations are suspected triggers.  

Management strategy: strict UV protection & daily topical lightening/inhibiting formulation. Chemical peels such as Dermamelan & selective light based therapies may be applicable depending on skin type. Principals of treatment therapy are to keep melanocyte activity under control. This is a chronic recurring condition & management is key.

Latest research suggests it is a complicated condition relating to disrupted pigment homoeostasis in the dermis & epidermis. Pathways for pigment production are greater than pathways for elimination resulting in deposits of pigment.

Treatment modalities are evolving, so stay tuned!

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