New to SKYN®! The SkinPen®

Treat Acne Scarring safely, effectively and affordably.

NEW to SKYN®! We are excited to introduce to our beauty toolbox, SkinPen® MicroNeedling.

The SkinPen® has been clinically proven to safely and effectively treat facial acne scars for ages 22 and up. With little to no downtime, this treatment triggers the body’s natural skin remodelling process – fooling the skin to send more restorative collagens and elastins than the area needs to drastically improve the appearance of your skin. Freeing you from acne scarring.

The SkinPen® Microneedling device works by causing controlled micro-injuries, that stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Put your skin to work, naturally, and get ready to reap the benefits of improved texture and tone.

We are not the only ones excited about this new device, the SkinPen® hype has caught on and SkinPen® has gained multiple media coverage: USA Today “poked life back into aging skin”, The View gave SkinPen a whirl, as well as ABC news (USA) and LIVE Kelly & Ryan.


Why SkinPen? A Review

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