K-Beauty in Perth, Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

K-Beauty in Perth, Silhouette Soft Thread Lift

March 23, 2021
Thread Lift

Women in South Korea, who seriously know a thing or two about beauty, are smitten about the non-surgical face lift technique called “thread lifting”.

  • Takes about half an hour
  • Known as the ‘non-surgical face lift’
  • Polylactic acid thread goes through skin after local anaesthetic injections
  • Stimulates collagen to firm the skin and visibly lift the face without surgery
  • Can combine with other treatments to optimise results and cater to the client’s desired outcomes

The technique, also known as the ‘non-surgical facelift’ has made its way to Australia. This is one of our signature treatments. Our Talent explain the fascinating process, which has been created for both men and women who are trying to achieve their best skin, with natural results. The treatment aims to obtain volumisation, lifting and skin tightening – in any area the sutures are placed.

How Does it Work?

Silhouette Thread Lift works by inserting threads and cones in areas along the face, which are then absorbed and help to stimulate collagen which firms the skin, plus visibly lifting the face without surgery. The entire treatment is performed with only local anaesthetic, so the downtime is minimal. The threads are made of a clear absorbable Poly Lactic Acid and have eight, twelve or sixteen absorbable cones. These cones break down in about twelve to eighteen months, but the results of the lift can last somewhere up to two to three years.

Although the threading technique isn’t exactly new, Silhouette Threads are a revolutionary technology. Our Talent can combine procedures for maximum results, which is pretty interesting. Our Talent often follow up the thread lift with Dermal fillers to replace lost volume, especially in temples and cheeks. For an extra boost, another option for clients is to follow up with Platelet Rich Plasma (Preventative Ageing therapy) treatment (similar to the vampire facial – in which you inject your own blood to stimulate your collagen production).

Silhouette Soft Thread Lift – “The non-surgical face lift” in the Media

The Silhouette Soft Thread Lift, aka “the non-invasive face lift”, “the lunchtime face lift” or “the non-surgical face lift” has been gaining a lot of buzz in the media. With UK blog Save Face praising the technique and referring to it as a Star Treatment. Celebrities Gillian Taylforth (best known for her role on EastEnders), received the treatment ahead of her 60th birthday and Meg Matthews received the treatment to reclaim her confidence after menopause left her feeling flat.

Our Talent provide the treatment from SKYN in Subiaco. For more information contact SKYN or Book a Consultation online.