Nurse Lena Kovalskaya

Originally from Russia, Lena worked as a medical doctor with clinical interests in Aesthetic Medicine. After moving to Australia she complimented a Master Degree in Nursing from Curtin University. With extensive training in Cosmetic Injectables, Lena is a strong believer in a holistic professional approach to achieve exceptional natural results for clients.

Nurse Lena's Availability

Wednesday 9am – 5pm
Thursday 9am – 7pm

Talent and treatments that will inspire your aesthetic journey

At SKYN, our focus is aesthetic medical skin and wellness solutions that embody excellence. From wrinkles, sagging skin, acne, pigmentation or even rosacea, our medical experts have the most cutting edge treatment programs as well as an array of laser therapies to fit all your needs.

Whether you want glowing, healthy skin, slightly more voluptuous lips or to soften those facial lines and wrinkles, Nurse Lena will formulate a treatment plan to suit your budget and downtime limitations.

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  • Pacific State (Vladivostok) Medical University, General Medicine, M.D.
  • Specialisation in Dermatology and STD. Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Master of Nursing Practice, Curtin University, WA.
  • Botulinotherapy, Teoxane, Innea, Restylane, Mezoline, Juvederm, Inno Peel. Cosmetic Injections Course (CPD, Melbourne); Belkyra (Perth); Restylane (Perth); Syneron; Cryomed; Teosyal RHA, (Dr. Kieren Bong); 2018/19 MD Code Workshop, Dr. Mauricio de Maio; PRP (CPD, Melbourne), Advanced Dermal Filler, Dr.Tom Van Eijk Academy, (Melbourne); Periorbital Rejuvenation (Galderma, Perth); Julie Horne Lips, Galderma; Masculinisation/Feminisation (Facecoach); Safety with Dermal Fillers (Facecoach); TRUE LIFT Masterclass Galderma; RegenLab PRP Aesthetic Workshop (Dr.Herbert Hooi); Radiesse in Hands and Jaw Line Workshop (Merz); Personalisation of Lower Face Treatments with Dr Andreas Nikolis, (Galderma); Sculptra (Galderma); The 4th Dimension in Facial Aesthetics with Dr Patrick Trevidic, (Teoxane); Anatomical Dissection and Cosmetic Procedures Workshop (ASAPS, 2019); ASAPS 2019; Aesthetics 2019; Dr. Arthur Swift Masterclass.