Anti Wrinkle InjectionsPer Unit
Wrinkle Relaxer ‘Type D’$5 per unitLearn More
Wrinkle Relaxer ‘Type B’$12 per unitLearn More
Wrinkle Relaxer ‘Type X’$10 per unitLearn More
Masseter Reductionfrom $180 Learn More
Hyperhidrosis Treatment from $999Learn More

Dermal FillersIncludes Complimentary Healite II Treatment 
Lip Fillers from $399 (1ml)Learn More
Instant Cheeksfrom $550 (1ml)Learn More
Dermal Fillers from $550 (1ml)Learn More
Liquid Facelift from $990 (2ml)Learn More

Thread Lift PricingPriceComplimentary treatments  
2 Threads (1 thread each side of face)$1,200

Includes 1 x Healite II treatmentTerms and ConditionsLearn More
4 Threads (2 threads each side of face)$2,200

Includes 2 x Healite II treatmentsTerms and ConditionsLearn More
6 Threads (3 threads each side of face)$3,200

Includes 2 x Healite II treatmentsTerms and ConditionsLearn More
8 Threads (4 threads each side of face)$4,200

Includes 3 x Healite II treatmentsTerms and ConditionsLearn More

PRPPer Session 
Vampire Facial$990Learn More

Boosters and StimulatorsPer Vial1ml  
Collagen Stimulators$800 ($1,500* 2 Vials Initial treatment)-Complimentary ConsultationLearn More
SkinBoosters-$350 ($600* 2ml Initial Treatment)Complimentary ConsultationLearn More

Fat DissolvingTreatment   
LipoDissolve From $800 Complimentary ConsultationLearn More
ChinUp Double Chin Injections From $650 Complimentary ConsultationLearn More

Scarless Mole Removal1st Mole2nd Mole3rd Mole4th Mole  
Scarless Mole Removal$300$250$200$150Complimentary ConsultationLearn More

Feminine RejuvenationPer Treatment   
Petit Lady$800Complimentary ConsultationLearn More

Laser and LightPer SessionPackage 
*Pre-Pay on Day of appointment
Signature Laser Facial $199 (new treatment) Learn More
Clear and Brilliant$350 (includes Complimentary Healite II)$1,200* 4x Sessions (Save $200)Learn More
Hollywood Laser Peel$250 (usually $495)$750* 4x Sessions (Save $250)Learn More
Spectra Laser Toning$250 (usually $495)$750* 4x Sessions (Save $250)Learn More
Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing$350 (usually $585)-Learn More
Healite II $65$195* 4 x Sessions (Save $65) Learn More
INFINI RF & MicroneedlingPer SessionPackage 
Face$600$1, 600* x3 Sessions (Save $200)Learn More
Neck$600$1, 600* x3 Sessions (Save $200)Learn More
Décolletage$600$1, 600* x3 Sessions (Save $200)Learn More
Face & Neck$1, 200-Learn More
Neck & Décolletage$1, 200-Learn More
*Prices are for the average sized person. Variations for long legs, large backs etc can be subject to change depending on shot count for larger areas. Quotes can be given prior to your first treatment.
Solari Skin RejuvenationPer Session 
Face$325Learn More
Neck$200Learn More
Décolletage$325Learn More
Hands$100Learn More
Pigmented SpotsFrom $20Learn More
3 Areas (Face, Neck & Décolletage)$650Learn More

Solari IPL Laser Hair RemovalPer SessionPre-Pay Package (4 Sessions) 
Top Lip$50$180
Top Lip & Chin$120$400
Lower Legs$300$990
Full Legs$500$1,600
Bikini*From $120-
Full Arms$300-
Half Arms$120-
Neck, Hairline Sculpture$90Learn More IPL Hair Reduction
Laser Tattoo Removal   
1 x 15m Session $150Complimentary ConsultationLearn More
5 x 15m Sessions$700Complimentary ConsultationLearn More
10 x 15m Sessions$1,200Complimentary ConsultationLearn More
 *Removal cost is determined by varying factors including the age of the tattoo, location, size and number of treatments required.

Medical MicrodermabrasionPer TreatmentLearn More
Face$130Book Now
Face and Neck$180Book Now
Face, Neck & Decolletage$220Book Now
Epidermal LevellingPer TreatmentPackageLearn More
Epidermal Levelling$130$180 +CosMedix Pomegranate PeelBook Now
The Facial BarPer TreatmentPackage of 3 Learn More
Mesoestetic® Energy C FACIAL$110$300Book Now
Mesoestetic® Collagen 360º FACIAL$110$300Book Now
Mesoestetic® Stem Cell FACIAL$110$300Book Now
Mesoestetic® Radiance DNA FACIAL$110$300Book Now
Mesoéclat Treatment*Per TreatmentLearn More
Mesoéclat Treatment$1250Book Now
*The mesoéclat method includes 5 sessions, each session complemented by home maintenance.
SkinPen® MicroneedlingPer TreatmentPackage x3Package x4Learn More
SkinPen® Microneedling$350$990$1,200Book Now
Chemical PeelsPer Treatment  
ZO Stimulator Peel$150Learn MoreBook Now
Dermamelan Depigmention$1,500 + Take Home Maintenance CreamLearn MoreBook Now
Mesoestetic Dermalpeelsfrom $150Learn MoreBook Now