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Erectile dysfunction is common in older men but can affect younger men from 18 onwards.

Our SKYN® medical team have been treating sexual wellness since 2004, including the introduction of the first laser device for womens intimate health in Western Australia. What once was taboo is now mainstream, and our cutting edge program for men offers a comprehensive solution to ED.

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LiSWT Therapy

LiSWT Therapy is an emission of subtle, painless sound waves. It is safe, non-invasive, and clinically proven to get you harder with no reported side-effects or downtime.


The P-Shot® + LiSWT Therapy goes one better. Get the benefits of LiSWT with a safe, non-surgical, quick and painless treatment using Preventative Ageing therapy from your own blood for dramatic, long lasting results.


Wafesil is a patented sildenafil wafer that is administered sublingually for a faster, more immediate solution to ED. Say goodbye to the little blue pill.


Using Functional Magnetic Stimulation, the pulsed magnetic fields cause your pelvic floor muscles to contract, getting stronger over time to help to reverse ED.

LiSWT Therapy

Shock Wave Therapy is a safe, tolerable and effective treatment that is drug-free, surgery-free, totally non-invasive, requires no anesthesia, is performed in clinic and provides long-lasting results.

Our medical shock-wave therapy device uses electromagnetic technology to produce shockwaves that target the erectile mechanism so that men are more likely to have erections on their own.

During the treatment low-intensity shock waves are transmitted via a hand-piece equipped with an applicator to the penile tissue, stimulating the creation of new networks of blood vessels in the penile tissue, thus restoring an erection.

The non-invasiveness, the high tolerability of the treatment by the client, the absence of side effects and the discretion in using the therapy, make this a preferential choice for many clients.

  • Quick and non-invasive treatment in 30 minutes
  • No medication required
  • Fewer complications than other treatments
  • Significant clinical benefit often experienced 6-8 weeks after treatment
  • Promotes the vascularization and elasticity of penile tissues, consequently improving the quality of erection
  • Stimulates the regeneration of nerve structures responsible of erection control
  • Restores the endothelium and smooth muscles
  • Improves the erectile function long term and can be used in conjunction with our on demand treatment options for a total ED solution

Low intensity shock wave therapy (LISWT) works by passing shock waves, an intense but short energy wave that travels faster than the speed of sound into the tissues of the penis.

The shockwave treatment initiates an inflammatory response in the tissue where the shockwaves have been applied. The body responds by increasing the blood circulation and metabolism in the impact area which in turn accelerates the body’s own healing processes.

In the specific case of Erectile Dysfunction, shockwave improves erections via two mechanisms:

Promotes angio-genesis (development of new blood vessels) in the penis which means that the blood flow to the penis increases and hence stronger erections are achieved; and Rejuvenation of penis smooth muscle – the majority of clients suffering from ED do so because the smooth muscle in their penile arteries has been damaged thus inhibiting the functioning of the so-called veno-occlusive mechanism. 

Shockwave therapy has been shown to induce the body to repair the smooth muscle in the penis and thus improve the function of the veno-occlusive mechanism.

Men’s Health – “ The revolutionary treatment uses sound waves to restore erection quality and sexual performance beyond what Viagra or Cialis could imagine.”


Preventative Ageing therapy, or platelet rich plasma, is rich in bioactive proteins to stimulate growth factors and cellular regeneration. It is a therapy first used for wound healing, sports injuries, and dentistry. Now it has evolved to help sexual dysfunction disorders including ED.

The actual therapy involves taking a small amount of your blood, running it through a centrifuge to separate out the concentrated platelets, and then injecting them into the penis and penile area with a tiny needle.

Step 1 of the P-Shot involves drawing a client’s blood and isolating Preventative Ageing therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma) and applying numbing cream to the treatment area.

Step 2 involves taking the isolated Preventative Ageing therapy created from the previous step and injecting it into strategic areas. Using a very small needle, you will be carefully injected with your own growth factors in a precise area and pain-free way. These growth factors then activate multi-potent stem cells already in the skin, tricking them into “thinking” there’s been an injury and then generate newer, and younger tissue.

Step 3 a pump is used for approximately 10 minutes. For maximum results or experts recommend using a pump immediately after the procedure and following a specific schedule for a few weeks after the procedure.

The healing and growth factors in your harvested and injected Preventative Ageing therapy will cause new cell growth and vascularization to occur over several months. Surrounding tissue typically becomes more easily stimulated.

Clients that have had the P-Shot experienced immediate increases in their sensitivity, but most note a more gradual response over around 12 weeks. Multiple procedures are recommended for maximum results and the effects are reported to last many months to several years.

The benefit of Preventative Ageing therapy for ED is to make the tissue and blood vessels in the penis healthier. 

  • Stronger firmer erections
  • Easy to achieve erections
  • Increased penis length and girth
  • Improved and sometimes resolution of Peyronie’s disease
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Improved sexual stamina

Not only is the P-shot completed usually within an hour, but it is also conveniently performed in clinic. You don’t have to travel to a hospital or surgery center.


Wafesil is a patented sildenafil wafer that is administered sublingually for a faster, more immediate solution to ED. Say goodbye to the little blue pill!

The way to Wafesil is: Sublingual. This medicine is placed under the tongue.

  • Store below 25 degrees Celsius
  • Protect from Light
  • Protect from Moisture
  • Shelf lifetime is 30 Months.
  • It works by relaxing the blood vessels in your penis when you are sexually excited. This allows blood to flow into your penis, allowing you to get an erection in the natural way.
  • Wafesil is sublingually administered with WaferiX® technology and has the potential for better absorption and faster onset of therapeutic action.
  • Wafesil is especially beneficial to those who have an aversion to swallowing tablets.

Wafesil belongs to a group of medicines called phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors and is formulated using a patented sublingual drug delivery technology (WaferiX®) which dissolves under your tongue. The rapid and superior absorption of Wafesil provides higher bioavailability and a potential to lower the administered dose.

Wafesil comes as a small pink oval disc which contains sildenafil. It’s the only sildenafil product in Australia which is sublingually administered. Wafesil is patented in 5 continents and produced via a proprietary manufacturing process ensuring protection against counterfeit products.

TESLA Chair®

The TESLA Chair is an advanced method of treating chronic Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Our TESLA Chair treatment is especially effective for men that have stubborn ED or have had ED brought on as a result of prostate surgery that has damaged the nerves in the prostate and perineum regions as well as the penis.

  • Deep stimulation of muscular structures
  • More effective than electrostimulation
  • Totally non-invasive – effectively stimulates muscle tissue without direct skin contact
  • Clients can remain fully clothed during treatment
  • Suitable for clients where electrotherapy cannot be used
  • Hands-free operation
  • Quick 45 minute comfortable session

The TESLAChair works by a magnetic field which is generated by a pulse of current inside the EM (electromagnetic) mechanism. This magnetic field induces a current that triggers the motor nerve system of the body, stimulating the targeted muscles to contract.

The motor nerve system is triggered by rapid changes of magnetic field intensity which induces an electrical current in the neuron. Once the current reaches a certain value, a so-called neuron action potential is achieved.

This causes the neuron cell to depolarize, which eventually leads to a complete muscle contraction and the outcomes boost circulation, nutrition and pain relief.

During treatment the electromagnetic waves are directed into the selected area to stimulate muscles for the desired effect.

The method is painless and comfortable because it does not involve direct skin contact for anyone receiving treatment. The TESLA Chair design makes it easy to reach every part of the body.

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Here are some steps that might help:

  • If you smoke, quit. If you have trouble quitting, get help. …
  • Lose excess pounds. Being overweight can cause — or worsen — erectile dysfunction.
  • Include physical activity in your daily routine. …
  • Get treatment for alcohol or drug problems. …
  • Work through relationship issues.

Erectile dysfunction in most men is multi-factorial and the result of ongoing interacting relations among biological, cognitive, emotional and behavioural, contextual, and interpersonal contributing factors. Consequently, psycho-sexual counselling can work in conjunction with other treatment options in order to improve your sexual function. During your consultation, the doctor will evaluate your medical and personal history and may refer you to further psycho-sexual counselling and support.

It’s time to get in touch if:

  • You are unable to have or keep an erection adequate for sexual activity.
  • If it slowly but consistently gets worse. 
  • If your ED worries you so much that it causes anxiety or threatens your sexual relationship.
  • You have other symptoms along with erectile dysfunction

There can be a range of causes that are both physical and psychological. Physical causes include:

  • hormonal problems
  • narrowing of the blood vessels to the penis – this is commonly associated with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes

Psychological causes include:

  • anxiety
  • depression

Erectile dysfunction symptoms might include persistent:

  • Trouble getting an erection
  • Trouble keeping an erection
  • Reduced sexual desire

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex.

Having erection trouble from time to time isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. If erectile dysfunction is an ongoing issue, however, it can cause stress, affect your self-confidence and contribute to relationship problems. Problems getting or keeping an erection can also be a sign of an underlying health condition that needs treatment and a risk factor for heart disease.

If you’re concerned about erectile dysfunction, talk to your doctor — even if you’re embarrassed. Sometimes, treating an underlying condition is enough to reverse erectile dysfunction. In other cases, medications or other direct treatments might be needed.