The Signature Laser Facial just $199

Our skin changes as we age; sun spots, wrinkles, and sagging may cause us to long for that youthful, fresh skin we once had. The Spectra™ Laser Facial by Lutronic strongly targets the surface layer of the skin and exfoliates to improve texture and clarity; and, can achieve long-lasting results with just one treatment.

How does the Spectra laser work?

Our signature Spectra laser facial uses low energy to resurface your skin, and can improve skin texture and tone. 

Our signature laser facial is an advanced treatment using the Spectra Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser. The procedure provides a gentle, safe, and effective treatment on various types of skin. During your consultation, we will tailor a treatment plan specifically to address your needs.

This non-ablative procedure (no healing) does not require topical anesthetics and takes just 30 minutes. 

What can I expect after treatment?

The Spectra laser system for skin rejuvenation helps our clients resume their normal activities immediately after treatment, with no downtime. The Spectra laser is designed to reduce the risk of any adverse reactions. Make can be applied immediately after the treatment. 

How long will results last?

Tthe Spectra laser is highly effective and long-lasting, however additional treatments may be required to achieve specific goals or for ongoing maintenance of aging or photo-damage. 

Our skin specialists will help determine how many treatments you will need to achieve optimal results. To continue the benefits of your treatment, you may need to schedule follow-up visits. Skin rejuvenation duration directly correlates to lifestyle and maintaining a healthy skin topical regimen.

Laser Facial

Ready to get started?

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More about Lutronic Spectra XT

Spectra XT by Lutronic is a revolutionary laser device that we use at SKYN®, here in Perth. It uses a well-known laser medium called Nd:YAG and uses it in diverse ways to treat both brown and red discolouration in the skin. The energy of the laser can be delivered quickly to address tattoos, pigmentation, sun spots, or melasma, or the energy slowed to treat shrink pores, tone skin, and fight acne in a procedure called “laser toning.” The Spectra is also used for our famous Hollywood Laser Peel and can help with both acne and skin tone, allowing for pore reduction and collagen formation.