SKYN® Cosmetic Technology

At the vertex of science & art, SKYN represents a profound paradigm shift. Combining next wave technology with a totally customised head-to-toe program designed for you. Our selection of high-end devices ensure our clients have access to premium cosmetic technology, so you will always be one step ahead in the beauty game. Science and medicine move rapidly, and we have always moved with them – making sure we only invest in the best beauty devices available.

Explore our cutting edge technology for some insight into the tools we use to achieve your goals on your aesthetic journey. 

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Spectra XT

This Spectra XT, by Lutronic is the latest in must-have devices for premium LA cosmetic clinics catering to clientele that need instant glow, with no downtime. The Spectra XT was developed not as a new product, but to be an enhancement on already available laser devices. Keeping up with medicine and science, it’s one of the most premium laser devices currently available, treating melasma, acne, fine lines and even tattoo removal.

Explore Spectra XT treatments

Hollywood Laser Peel
Tattoo Removal
Laser Toning 

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Action II

The ACTION II, by Lutronic, is one of our cutting edge lasers for a wide range of aesthetic procedures. ACTION II device boasts a triple operation mode, and user selected, adjustable ablation depth. It reliably delivers controllable thermal energy to give you less discomfort, reduced treatment times and less downtime.

Explore Action II Treatments

Laser Resurfacing
Petit Lady

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This. Changes. Everything. One of the most efficient IPL devices available, the SOLARI™, by Lutronic, boasts multiple functions,  including a cooling system to boost comfort; and the SOLARI™ Sharp Cut-Off Filtering technology designed to selectively target tissue more effectively than other IPL systems.

Explore SOLARI™
IPL Permanent Hair Reduction
SOLARI™ Acne Treatment
SOLARI™  Vein Removal

SOLARI™  Skin Rejuvenation

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One of the newest devices to be added to the SKYN® family, the next level of microneedling – the SkinPen. The SkinPen causes micro-injuries to the skin, triggering the release of cytokines and growth factors that lead to remodelling of collagen and elastin. The SkinPen is best for eradicating acne scars and pigmentation, and uncovering your best skin. 90% of clients have said they would recommend SkinPen to their friends.

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Preventative Ageing therapy

At SKYN® we use the RegenKit® A-Preventative Ageing therapy® system. RegenLab Preventative Ageing therapy was the first platelet-rich plasma treatment in Australia and is backed by 112 scientific papers for a myriad of indications.

Explore the Angel® Preventative Ageing therapy device

Angel Preventative Ageing therapy (Vampire Facial)
Preventative Ageing therapy Hair Loss Treatment

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Clear & Brilliant

Clear & Brilliant® was developed by Solta Medical – the pioneers of fractional laser treatments with a history of nearly a million treatments. The Clear + Brilliant system is designed to deliver powerfully precise laser energy to stimulate a refreshing boost that only Clear + Brilliant can deliver. The laser was developed to delay the ageing process and extend your youthful glow – the perfect complement to individual beauty and lifestyle routines.


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Clear & Brilliant

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INFINI RF, cited as the ‘technology breakthrough of the decade’ – targets scarring, acne, laxity, texture and wrinkles, by utilising both radiofrequency and microneedling. INFINI is a unique technology that allows our talent to be in control of your skin rejuvenation procedure. By controlling the treatment depth and energy levels, enables a multi-layered approach for customized treatments, regardless of skin type or tan.

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Infini RF

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Healite II

The Healite II, by Lutronic, is advancing the way for faster recovery. The Healite II is a safe, non-invasive and painless device that uses low level light therapy (LLLT) to temporarily relieve pain and increase recovery time. Healite II functions especially well when used with other treatments, maximising their effects and decreasing downtime.

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Healite II

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The AcuSect™ radiosurgical energy source delivers advanced radiowave technology providing outstanding surgical control, precision and versatility. The high frequency of 4.0 MHz minimizes heat dissipation, and thus cellular alteration while cutting and coagulating soft tissues.

Explore AcuSect treatments

Scarless Mole Removal

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Hydrabrasion (Medical Microdermabrasion)

Blackheads, pimples and cysts are all caused from build-up in the pores. The skin has pores and follicles that need to be deeply cleaned, professionally. Pores and follicles need to be cleaned and washed on the inside, this prevents breakouts. Hydrabrasion is a microdermabrasion system that exfoliates with both a dry and a wet system. The skin is deeply exfoliated with diamonds while simultaneously vacuuming and washing it. It’s a lot like getting your carpets professionally cleaned. This device offers a soothing, refreshing and deep clean.

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