The Art Of Fillers

The Art Of Fillers

February 28, 2021

What are the best solutions for facial sagging and volume loss.

Q: Is there a way to reverse facial sagging without having surgery?

A: “There are two reasons why our faces fall over time,” says Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, a New York City dermatologist.

“One is loss of elasticity and the other one is redistribution and change of volume.”

When injected precisely and conservatively, fillers can fight the inevitable gravitational pull to lift up everything from sunken cheekbones to droopy jawlines. To patients understand how the process works, Frank uses an example of a deflated balloon

“as it loses air over time, the plastic sags, but if you put a little air back into it, you’ll see the plastic tighten and lift up again.”

The key to achieving the best outcome is to see a doctor with an experienced eye and an arsenal of varied injectables. “To get a lift, you need a combination of the right products and that’s where artistry comes to into play,” says Frank. “You’re not just filling up a balloon with air—you’re putting the right product, with the right viscosity, in the right area of the face, and often times it involves layering a few different fillers.” With that philosophy in mind, Frank’s medical tray is always well-stocked with hyaluronic acid options.

“When I do volume restoration, some patients have naturally bigger cheeks, some have more naturally defined jawlines, some have more hollowness in the temple, and what I do is I restore only where it’s needed.”

Perth chin injections

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Regardless of which part of the face he’s reflating, Frank works from the outside in—a technique that allows him to add volume back into the lateral portions of the face (the cheekbones, the jawline and the temples) first and finish by filling fine lines around the eyes and mouth (for that he likes Restylane).

“It’s about putting a little bit [of filler] in a lot of spots and that ultimately leads to the most natural results.”

And naturally, a lifelong fresh-face requires a maintenance plan. While results show up fast—in about one to two weeks with no downtime or pain (injections are administered under topical anesthesia and patients usually return to work the following day)—Frank advises touch-up appointments no less than two to four times a year. For first-time injectees he recommends returning one to two weeks later for any necessary adjustments. “I think the most artistic thing to do with volume restoration is not just to fill tank up and wait for it to go back to empty; people don’t want that—once they look great they always want to look great.”

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