The Real Deal on Chemical Peels • Myths, Explained & Busted

The Real Deal on Chemical Peels • Myths, Explained & Busted

March 16, 2022

With the rise of technology, many people are curious to try different treatments to make their skin much better. And with that, one of the most popular skin treatments to date is the chemical peel.

In essence, a chemical peel is a simple procedure where a chemical is placed in the skin so the top layer is removed. This removes the unwanted skin impurities to give you a fresh and new top layer of skin. However, like all treatments, there are some side effects that you may experience.

For one, getting a chemical peel can leave your face looking red and irritated. But after the exfoliation process, it will give you a new layer of skin that you’ll be so happy about. Of course, it’s worth noting to get your chemical peel with a credible aesthetics clinic to ensure side effects are minimised, and you get the desired results you want.

And with all the information on the internet, you’re probably unsure of the things you’re reading online about chemical peels. Because of this, our team has compiled a bunch of myths and busted them for you, so you know the real deal about chemical peels.


Myth #1: All types of Chemical Peels are the Same

Just like there’s no “one-size-fits-all” with medical treatments, the same goes with chemical peels—they’re not all the same. For one, chemical peels are different in their strength, which affects the results and the potential side effects. Also, different chemicals will be used for different peels, so that’s something to consider too!


Myth #2: You Get Too Much Downtime with a Chemical Peel

Many people think that recovering from a chemical peel will take a long time, but that’s far from true. That’s because, unlike laser treatments, chemical peels don’t take off the top layer of the skin. Instead, they peel off the first or second layer of the skin, which means that you’ll get a visible result right away.

Not only that, but you’ll also have to take into consideration the type of peel you’re using too! Some don’t give you downtime at all.


Myth #3: Chemical Peels Can Be Painful

Many don’t know that chemical peels have a component that, when applied to your face, it also serves as an anaesthetic. Because of this, as your skin peels, you won’t feel a thing!


Myth #4: Anyone Can Perform a Chemical Peel Treatment

First and foremost, you should only get a chemical peel from a trusted aesthetic clinic. Since many strong chemicals are included in the procedures, it’s only right that you have it done by highly skilled skin experts.

The Bottom Line: Chemical Peels Can Transform Your Skin and Make it Healthy, Bright, and Glowing

Over the years, chemical peels have been an effective treatment for many different types of skin issues. They can also make your skin look younger and fresher. Of course, it’s best if you go to a credible aesthetic clinic to ensure you get the results that you want.


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