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The PDO Thread Lift is the new trend made popular by numerous celebrities recently and it is an excellent and effective non-surgical technique to lift and tighten skin. PDO COG threads have the potential to re-define facial contours and induces collagen production. The treatment forms part of an integrated support structure for the tissue of the face by encouraging natural collagen synthesis with immediate results that peak at 6 months and last between 2-3 years.

Long threads are commonly used for lifting in the lower face, the jowl line, the jaw, the brow and less commonly in the neck. Long threads are sometimes known as barbed or cog threads. These type of threads are used in thread lifts.

Long threads are also sometimes called cog or barbed threads as they have barbs along the surface of the thread. These barbs help to hold the skin up, creating the lift that you get with these types of threads.

A thread lift is a “walk in, walk out” non surgical procedure and the downtime is minimal. The most common side effects are swelling, bruising and some puckering in the treated area. All of these are transient and will subside within days.

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PDO Threads induce the production of collagen, creating a tightening effect for 6 to 12 months after your procedure. The threads become a support structure for your face, allowing natural collagen production to take place.

After receiving a topical anaesthetic, PDO Threads will be inserted using a micro-needle or cannula. The treatment is a highly customised procedure and our Talent will work closely with you in order to achieve optimal results. PDO Threads don’t involve any sort of incision, meaning stitches are not required.

You will begin to see results in 6 weeks which continue to improve over the next 2 to 6 months as new collagen is produced. Although the PDO Threads will slowly dissolve, you will continue to see results for up to 12 months.

Mono Threads help to create new collagen that supports your face and creates a tightening effect that lasts 6–12 months after your treatment.

The results vary depending on lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol, exercise, etc. It may be recommended to have another Mono Thread treatment six months after the initial treatment to maintain the tightening effects.

The time of your treatment will vary based on many factors—such as the size of your treatment area — but typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

Pricing starts from $475.

PDO threads are made from Polydioxanone – an absorbable polymer. This material is both flexible and durable.

Mono Thread treatments may produce swelling and bruising in the area that has been treated, which will subside after a few days.

A topical anesthetic will be applied before the Mono Thread treatment, so you experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. You may experience a firm feeling and some tenderness in the area that has been treated for a few days after the procedure.

  • Avoid Alcohol and smoking
  • Schedule procedure at least one week prior to a special occasion or event
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medication (consult Doctor prior, if necessary)
  • Avoid treatment if you have active infections in the treatment area
  • Do not apply oil-based moisturiser or makeup for the next 24 hours.
  • When applying makeup over the next five days, do so gently in the treated area
  • Ice may be applied to soothe area of treatment
  • Mild bruising and swelling is to be expected and will resolve in a few days
  • Sleep on your back and elevate your head for the first three nights
  • Do not have any facials or face massages for three weeks
  • There may be mild tenderness in the treated area for approximately one week
  • Avoid strenuous exercise or contact sports for three weeks
  • Avoid exaggerated facial movements like chewing, talking or yawning for three weeks
  • No dental surgery for four weeks
  • Avoid saunas or heat treatments for three weeks
  • Results can be expected in 8–12 weeks