Skin tag removal

Skin tags, also known as Acrochordons or fibrous polyps, are small flesh colored pouches that can either be raised on the skin or protrude from the skin on a stalk called a “peduncle.”

They are made up of loosely arranged collagen fibers and blood vessels surrounded by a thickened or thinned-out epidermis.

Skin tags may be either smooth or irregular. Although the colors usually match your skin tone, they can sometimes have a deeper pigmentation like that of a mole. They can be found singly or in multiples. Skin tags are small and grow slowly, and they should never get to be more than about 1.30 cm in size.

They can be a small flap of skin or a round bump that is attached to your body by a stalk.

Whats The Cause Of Skin Tags

Skin tags are more common in middle aged women then men or children, but anybody can get them. Both men and women are susceptible to them as they age and they are quite common in those over 60 years of age. They can occur after pregnancy or weight gain. They are also more likely seen in obese people as well as people with Type 2 diabetes. A tendency to develop skin tags may run in families. In some cases babies are born with skin tags.

Skin tags are most likely found where the skin may crease, such as around the neck, underarms, groin, under the breasts, inside of the upper thigh area, or on the eyelids or cheeks. They can occur just about anywhere!

Although skin tags are benign, there are number reasons why you may want them removed.

They may be rubbed and irritated by clothing, jewellery, etc. which may cause some pain and an inflammation of the area. And of course cosmetic reasons.

There is no evidence to suggest that skin tag removal will cause more tags to grow. Certain people are simply more prone to developing them, and may have new growths periodically.

Removal of skin tags tretament

The best methods for skin tags removal are either via scalpel or with a electrotherapy.  At SKYN we use the Acusect device, which is also used for scarless mole removal, to quickly and efficiently remove the skin tag with minimal bleeding.

For more information click here: Acusect Device

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